Strength or Endurance ?

nrg500nrg500 Posts: 1,233B-Class
If you have to choose between the two, what will it be ?

For me, I will go with Strength


  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class

    Dapat may WHY? ka na question hehe.

    For me STR din, kasi i'd want to lift heavy! Quality>Quantity
  • HereticHeretic Posts: 78
    There are different kinds of strength, among them is strength-endurance so why settle for one when you can have both hehe. I'd pick that one in combination with speed-strength for the sake of practicality and versatility.
  • nrg500nrg500 Posts: 1,233B-Class
    Yeah, if you train for strength, you also gain "some" endurance

    If you train for endurance, you also gain "some" strength

    But you can't maximize both

    An example would be sprinters and long-distance runners. A sprinter runs faster but don't last very long. Stronger quadriceps can make you run faster

    Another example would be the Cheetah. It is the fastest land animal but it cannot sustain that speed for a long period. They can run up to speeds of 112 to 120 km/h but for a distance of 500m only. They can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 3 seconds.
  • rrobinrrobin Posts: 131
    For my BB needs as an ectomorph, I'd go for strength - heavy stack low reps.

    as compared to muscular endurance - light stack high reps.

  • ipisipis Posts: 223B-Class
    I choose strength.
  • chikinitochikinito Posts: 461
    Since I'm into running. I go for endurance. ^_^
  • milksworthmilksworth Posts: 3,138
    str all the way!
  • arcarc Posts: 2
    Parang powerlifter o bodybuilder question. I go for strength
  • boss_jboss_j Posts: 1,243B-Class
    pure strength haha !!
  • dnowzdnowz Posts: 229
    i choose Strength... :D
  • exaltedexalted Posts: 64
    I'll go for Endurance para malayo ang marating... Pero pwede ding both... :D
  • endurance! sa lahat ng pagkakataon maaasahan.
    si endurance tangay tangay si strength in any time, pero etong si strength madaling mapagod kya nabibitawan lage si endurance....
    we're using these forces in our everyday life at di lng sa pag ggym.
    evaluate ur selves guys and you'll see.
    your endurance will surely make her smile ....LOLZpwede ba flying voters dito? hahahahaha mangangampanya kc ako 4 endurance hahahahahahahaha
  • AldrinAldrin Posts: 799C-Class
    arc wrote:
    Parang powerlifter o bodybuilder question. I go for strength
    powerlifter lang..wala atang pang bodybuilder..kasi bodybuilder = size :D


    para sakin Strength tapos sasali ako sa Powerlifting/StrongLift tapos dadami pera ko tapos mag diet ako na napanalunan kong pera

  • boybanatboybanat Posts: 92D-Class
  • chikinitochikinito Posts: 461
    Pero sa totoo lang strength and endurance maganda magkasama. Kahit anong sport ok sila. ^_^
  • SkkinSkkin Posts: 870

    Tama sir.

    haha ang hirap nito. coin flip nalang.
  • zanezane Posts: 963
  • jbjjbj Posts: 18
  • nattypinoynattypinoy Posts: 158
    para bilis basag tore ahaha OFF TOPIC

    more str = more power, more tendency for a muscle mass
  • Strength din... though sa trabaho na gusto kong kunin eh kelangan din ng endurance... PNP physical fitness test :D
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