Abs problem

KettlecornKettlecorn Posts: 16E-Class
Maganda umaga po sa lahat..
bago lang po ako dito..
pwede ko po ba malaman meal plan niyo for shredding..
Ok na po kasi biceps,chest,shoulder at traps ko ang di ko lang po maachive is yung abs sana po may makatulong.. 4cups of rice lang naman kinakain ko everyday at more on protein. sana po may makatulong ..


  • Hmmm, as far as I know, for shredding, less calories nalang... damihan mo nalang ang ulam tapos less rice. ^_^

  • SteelHeadSteelHead Posts: 55D-Class
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    I eat only two cups of rice a day and I'm still having a hard time getting the lower part of my abs to show, but I know I'm close. I just need to tweak my carb and calorie intake a bit, which is, of course, easier said than done. In your case, you're eating 4 cups of rice, simple carb. Those four cups alone are already around 840 calories. You might want to show us your current full diet plan before we can say where you're getting it wrong.

    And you cannot just tell the person to just eat less, because somehow, you need to fit in the necessary macros: carb, fat, and protein. Cut too much carb and you might not have enough energy to do your workout. Cut too much protein and you might lose some hard-earned muscle. Cut too much fat and your hormone production's gonna take a hit.

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  • ErwinROmmelErwinROmmel Posts: 103C-Class

    dapat less rice..try nio po ang carb cycling..check the info on youtube

  • KettlecornKettlecorn Posts: 16E-Class
    Hindi po ba ako papayat nun?
    Minamaintain ko nalang po kasi yung weight ko 72kg napo ako.. gusto ko po sana mamaintain yung weight while shredding up.. pagnagbawas papo ako ng macros intake ko baka mas pumayat pa po ako e. 2550cals po ang daily cals ko.. salamat po
  • SteelHeadSteelHead Posts: 55D-Class

    There's no other way. You need to lose weight in order to lose the fat covering your ab muscles. It's easier said than done. Pero that's the only way. Or liposuction.

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