Recommended shoes for squats

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I've had a running shoes from the past as part of my regular workout routine. I don't feel like it's user-friendly whenever I am trying to do squats and I needed something that has a solid thick heel. I'm planning to get a new pair of shoes as a replacement to my poor old shoes that I have been using for the past 10 years. Any suggestions? I will be using the shoes more on Squats, lunges and running, so the shoes must be used and abused for anything that my workout demands me to.


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    sa mga nakikita ko paps most use chucks for squats and DL. and for me I use running shoes for running and sprinting

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    mga nagamit ko ng mga nakaraan.. nike presto, ua phenom proto ( wala silbi pogi lang talaga :D ) at not metcon 3. Sa tatlong yan, presto ang matagal ko na nagamit.. ung metcon so far masarap din gamiten. Pero nasa tamang form pa rin talaga para maging maayos ang squat o dl.

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    or try mo yung may skateboarding shoe na flat,yun ginagamit ko kasi dati akong skater

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    I am considering chucks because it's cheap and efficient. However, ambilis mapunit ng throatline whenever na be-bend sya. Any cheap training shoes? I am looking to get a classic Reebok rubber shoes

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    @Syndicate yun nga din prob ko,pa wasak na yung vans ko kka bend sa calf raiser lol

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    Chucks is an absolute winner for Leg day, i doubt its durability on Threadmill. Ang mahal pa rin ng chucks ngayon compared to training shoes ng ibang brand. What are your thoughts? Kung pwede lang mag tsinelas..

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