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Hi mga Master,

It's been a month since ng start ako mg gym. Goal body ko ung katulad kay Mark Walhberg. Help nman mga master

Age: 31
Height: 5'10
Weight: 165lbs
BF: around 20%
Workout schedule: M-W-F
8:30-10pm (after office)
Food intake: nagset aq ng 3000calories sa myfitnesspal
Whey: Titanium Whey (1 scoop after workout and 1 scoop during rest days)

Workout program

Monday (Chest/Triceps)

Machine fly
Bench press
Cross over cable
Decline Bench press
Skul crusher
Triceps cable pushdown
Triceps cable extension

Wednesday (Back/Biceps)

Lateral Pulldown
BB rows
Cable row
Preacher curl
Standing ez curl
Incline db curls

Friday (Legs/Shoulders)

Db squat
Leg extension
Leg press + calf raise
Seated shoulder press
Standing lateral raise
Seated bent lateral raise
Seated arnold press

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    Include mo yung exercise weight, sets, and reps paps.

    And san galing yung workout program mo? Any reason why dumbbell squat instead of barbell squat? Tska I suggest do the standard overhead press instead of seated.

    You might want to replace yung ibang curls with chinups so both back and bi's ang tama.

    In my opinion you should just do a normal A/B plan instead of splits since this is a 3 day workout.

    In terms of intake, maintenance ka lang or slow bulk for a few months and focus on building the muscles.

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    Welcome to PBB @DonChen

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    @DonChen welcome to pbb!

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    Welcome @DonChen !!!

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    Welcome bro :)

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    Makiki welcome @DonChen din ako =)

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    @pdtrx said:
    Makiki welcome @DonChen din ako =)

    bwt paps pdtrx may journal ka na ba dito? since 2011 ka pa ditto, o lurker ka lang? :)

  • StringBean1998StringBean1998 Posts: 307B-Class
    Try mo paps kung beginner ka, try mo mah full body workout muna, search mo Starting Strength, mabilis ka lalakas dun, tas eat at a slighr caloric deficit para makapag bawas ka ng fats probably mga 250cal less your maintaining weight. Ayan mga nabasa ko sa mga article na nababasa ko.

    Age: 18
    Height: 5'5''

    Starting Weight: 98lbs
    Current Weight: 122lbs
    Goal Weight (as of now): 150lbs

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