Looking for male and female amateur models for sports nutrition and weight management products

Dear friends,

We are a participating in the upcoming IFEX 2017 (May 19-21) to promote our new sports nutrition and weight management brand. Hence, we are looking for male and female models to promote our products at the event. We need someone who are out-going, energetic and with good figures. Good compensation will be offered.

If you are interested, please send us your introduction with your 3 favorite pictures to my email: henry.nguyen@mingchyi.com.

Have a nice day everyone!


  • pandoypandoy Posts: 596A-Class

    sir @t4g4y sali ka na dito oh. hehehe

  • t4g4yt4g4y Posts: 1,932S-Class

    ikaw sir pands bagay dito hehehe

  • HenryMCBHenryMCB Posts: 5

    Dear @t4g4y, I am sorry, I don't understand Filippino. Could you comment in English and send me some photo. Thanks a lot! :)

  • t4g4yt4g4y Posts: 1,932S-Class

    ayan tuloy sir pands hahahahaha salbahe haha

  • HenryMCBHenryMCB Posts: 5

    Poor me! Even "Google Translate" can not understand what you said.

  • t4g4yt4g4y Posts: 1,932S-Class

    Apologies MR. Henry hehe, Mr. @pandoy was teasing me into joining your search for amateur models, so i just teased him back, that's what the conversation is all about :). Anyway If you're looking for amateur fitness models, try it on Facebook. The Groups' name is **Pinoybodybuilders **(not associated with this forum site pinoybodybuilding, though we have our own fb page the Pinoybodybuilding).

    Note: that's Pinoybodybuilders on FB, not Pinoybodybuilding, Good luck.

  • HenryMCBHenryMCB Posts: 5

    Thank you very much for your help @t4g4y ! If you have free time, please join us at the event. Have a nice day!

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