hope everyone is in great condition.
am a new gym addict and its been a little over 2 months since I started bulking up.
problem is, my frame is small (5'2' @ 110 lbs) .. so i dont know how to bulk up... fast...
any tips?


  • wolverine57wolverine57 Posts: 76D-Class

    you cant rush perfection. 2 pounds of muscle a month is the average the body can make as a beginner. dont worry, you will be surprised what 2 pounds of muscle can do to your body, it is already a lot. anything more than that would be water weight and fat although hindi mo maiiwasan itong dalawang to while bulking. the challenge is to minimize those 2 by perfecting your diet and exercise.

    other masters might be able to shed a light as to how your diet and exercise should be. :) hindi po ako master haha.

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