Currnlently doing PPL 3days on 1 off, repeat. Ok lng ba to? 3-4excercise per body part 3sets of 8-12reps.


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    only you can answer that, it really depends on your recuperation, the younger you are, the more training days the body can take, you can even train 6days straight, is it recommended? no...pakiramdaman mo muna....if you train at a moderate weight...pwede siguro, if you train heavy...i would suggest 2 days on one day off repeat
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    How heavy is heavy? Ilang reps ba na max pra natawag na heavy? Sa ngayun kasi 8-10 focus ko. Ung hirap na ilift sa 10 ung last rep ko. How many rep max ba per set pag natawag na heavy sir
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    Ganyan yung split ko now sir, 3days On 1 day off. Tama yung sinabi ni troll-w-a-heart :)

    Yung ma a-add ko lang based sa experience, try mo gawin ung gusto mo na setup for a week. Then after a week tignan mo kung ok or kaya mo ipag-patuloy.

    Mararamdaman mo naman kasi pag na o-overtain kana, dko lang ma desribe ng maayos ung feeling non, pero something walang gana, at instead lumalakas, mahina ka.

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