Tips for beginners/noobs/newbies.

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sharing what i learned this past 25s year of working out, time to give back.

  1. Enjoy what you are doing, if all the sets and reps feels like a chore, sooner or later youll quit.
  2. Dont over complicate stuff, See number 1, enjoy yourself and your newbie gains, dont think about Macros and all that stuff.
  3. Leave the EGO at home, stick to 8-12reps, your core and nervous system are not yet used to lifting heavy.
  4. Rest, more time in the gym doesnt mean better.....
  5. Take every advice with a grain of salt, what works on someone may or may not work for you.
  6. Stick to whole foods, dont think about protein shakes and supplimentation, as time goes on, youll gain experience, you will know what you need and when you need or if you need them....
  7. Gauge yourself on how you look in the mirror not the scale, for those trying to lose body fat, dont cut calories just yet, working out might have created a caloric deficit...
  8. Lasty stay consistent and be patient, if it was easy, everybody would look the same.
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    sir almost 5 months na po ako nag bubuhat pero di consistent ngayon na lang po ulit nag sunod sunod na nakukumpleto ko 4days a week .mali po bang iniba ko yung training ko nang 5x5 tapos nag taas ako nang weight? dati po kasi 60lbs bench press ko 12x3 tapos binago ko ginawa kong 5x5 hanggang umabot na sa 120. sa bahay lang po ako so kakabili ko lang po nang weights na 80lbs ang target ko po ma lift ko nanh 200lbs 5x5. thank you po sa sasagot

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    Thank you sir @TRoll_W_a_Heart. Pashare nman po ng recommended program for beginners. Thanks po :)

  • TRoll_W_a_HeartTRoll_W_a_Heart Posts: 1,308S-Class

    @daryllaraya said:
    Thank you sir TRoll_W_a_Heart. Pashare nman po ng recommended program for beginners. Thanks po :)

    for newbies program varies, pero basic na basic is,

    day one: chest and shoulders and tris
    day two: rest
    day three: legs(quads) (hams) (calves)
    day four: rest
    day five: back & bis
    day six: rest


    at day five, if youre going to do deadlift, skip the hams on leg day

    keep it short, like 60mins to 75mins....not too heavy, form is more important

  • daryllarayadaryllaraya Posts: 12E-Class

    Thank you sir. Copy :)

  • ErwinROmmelErwinROmmel Posts: 98D-Class

    Ok lang bang magbuhat ng puyat?

  • TRoll_W_a_HeartTRoll_W_a_Heart Posts: 1,308S-Class
    Ok lang bang magbuhat ng puyat?

    yes and no, depends on the individual, kobe was notorious for sleeping 4-6hrs only...
  • ErwinROmmelErwinROmmel Posts: 98D-Class

    kasi panggabi ako eh after ng shift ko sa work pahinga and buhat afterwards
    ..kaya nmn ng body ko eh

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    Thank you sir for the tips. :)

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    nice tips sir troll! :)

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    True "gains" wait.

    25 | M | Zamboanga City

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  • asunciongianasunciongian Posts: 46E-Class

    thanks for the advice share ko lang

    “If you listen to your fears, you will die never knowing what a great person you might have been.” - Robert Schuller

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    This! Short and condensed, straight to the point.

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