2nd Powerlifting Meet Prep. Got the Bronze. Chase the Gold.



  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Yo! Started to log some of my training sessions lately. Getting real serious! My friends and I are gonna be starting a vlog. I've a friend that does Oly lifting @ 140lbs and DL's 380. Fuck. The difference from training now and then is that I've got 3 other friends to shoot ideas and training methods with. We've got a girl at 110lbs and doing 180lbs dls for singles as well. Pics to follow!

    Max Effort Jan 22
    High Bar Oly 374lbs x 1
    4x5 315lbs
    Good mornings 135 x 2 x 6
    Sumo Stiff Legged 225 x 3 x 8
    Hyperextensions 2x12
    Ab Work

    ME Day 24 Jan
    BP 225x 3 singles
    Lat Pulls volume
    Dead High Incline Close Grip BP 135 3 x 12
    DB's BP 3x 8 66's

    DE Day Jan 25
    Speed Deads Conv. 225 10 x 2
    Sumo SLDL 225 x 3 x 8
    Lat Pulls Volume
    Kroc Rows 48kg x 20 rest pause
    Yates Rows 198 3x 8
    Ab Work
    Hyperextensions done in a manner to target glutes and hammies. Full torso extended floorwards. 3x 12

    Jan 29
    Hybrid Narrow Sumos working up to 352lbs x 3 PR
    Front Squats 225lbs 1x8(pushing it to a rep pr torso was about to collapsed so I racked the weight) 1x 6 1x4
    DB rows 4x12 75lbs
    Single Leg Hamstring Curls (?) #2 pin
    Hyperextensions makeshift gluteham thingy.

    My traps then decided to cramp up on me and kill my neck and make me cry. I then decided to shrug 315 by 3 sets of 8 to kill myself.

  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class

    Yo guys some updates from my 7th month straight lifting with 3x a week frequency 2 weeks of deload in the 7months. Bench 2x Squat 3x Deadlift 1x a week. Rotating in bodybuilding blocks Strength Blocks and Speed Blocks

    My current conservative singles are.

    Squat 440lbs
    Deadlift 440lbs (did 462 clean but knees bent on lockout due to knees extending to early)xxx
    Bench 232lbs

    I've been taking getting stronger seriously and am really planning along with some of my training pals to sign up for a meet next year. My 6 month goal is a 500 squat a 295 bench and a 540 deadlift to put me in a 1300 total range at 220lbs.

    check me and friends IG out cause i dont have vids on my phone anymore.

    @friends4reps yung ig


    How are you guys?
  • dimzon03dimzon03 Posts: 1,544A-Class
    Putek nayan! Lakas!
    Gudluck sa goal bro :smiley:
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Thanks men!

    May 11
    BW 236lbs

    Safety Squat Bar Squats(make shift tying straps to the bar and holding it)
    308 6x5

    Front Squat Singles ramping up to a
    308lbs x 1 PR.

    Low Bar Squat
    407 x 4 singles

    Deficit Paused Deadlifts off a 20kg plate
    308 x 3 x 8

    BB BP

    210 x 3 x 5
    180 x 8

    Close Grip
    132 3 x 8

    Today I'm hitting up accessories and mobility work. Compressing the work this week very busy with work recently and might be forced to bump frequency to two days backtoback per week.
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Competing in the 105kg weight class this August13/14 in the Raw Open held by PH powerlifting association and drafted my 12week plan for peaking. Hope everything goes well and I plan for lightopeners and banat na 3rd attempt sa squat and medium attempt on DL's.

    Current gym lifts with no peaking:
    440 squat

    Goal meet lifts:
    495 squat
    250 bench
    495 DL

    Squat Day May 16

    330 4x6

    Front Squats 4x2 276

    132 2x20

    BW Lunges 3x6

    Had to be fast training today. Meeting with my girl.
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class

    4weeks out.

    Checked novice records and it turns out the 120kg class record Squat DL and total is easier to beat than the 105kg class and decided to not cut weight.

  • TRoll_W_a_HeartTRoll_W_a_Heart Posts: 1,308S-Class

    Nice totals, whats your PR on all your lifts?

  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Thanks bruh! I hope my bench doesnt fluctuate down on meet day though. It's the lift I don't excel at as much. This is because of the energy allocation throughout micro/mesocycles like Vinch says. I'm gonna work on it on the off season for sho.

    DL 424 3x3

    Squat 407 3x3
    And a really bad looking grindy
    triple 215 bench.

  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class

    Hi guys! I did my first meet finally! something @Core would probably love to hear hahaha.
    I've been training consistently without any months off for almost a year and put up decent numbers
    won bronze in the open age group and got silver sa Jrs(only because dalawa lang kami HAHAHAHAHA)
    120kg class. Everything went perfect and PR'ed on all my lifts and got 9/9 Lucky me!

  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class

    2nd Meet is on Nov 6! Hope I can finally total 1200lbs/ 545kg

    For the second meet(10weeks out)
    I plan to cut down a KG a week and compete in the 105kg class to be more competitive cause the 120 guys are so strognk..

    Hope I can log my training consistently this time around. Hails

  • badass_vinchbadass_vinch Posts: 4,466A-Class

    Malakas ka bro! Shempre mga veteran na ata yung mga nakalaban mo sa weightclass.

    And you know what's up....


  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    edited August 2016

    Thanks boss_vinch! Hope I get to compete 105 talaga. I know it's a huge cut. I'ma get your pro advice on it pagka malapit na yung meet.

    Yung nanalo ng gold sa open division mukhang pang** IFBB **pro na offseason! Large like a refrigerator back thick like a door frame. Respect cause the guy is incredibly strong and put in years of work... ... .................. . . . . . . . 2nd had around a 600kg total. Hope I get up to there in a year or two. @bossvinch, I noticed nga that I'm not fit for 120kg yet. Ako pinaka maliit sa weight class ko, might not be the fattest 120 pero definitely the least amount of muscle in my frame. So hope I can cut down talaga. I'm not counting on too much of strength loss cause I'm at 30%+ BF.

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  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class

    Trained at Zest earlier this afternoon and bumped into @ dimzon03 doing DL's and another guy I met at the meet that trains at Zest. New training partners yaaaaaaaaaay!

    I'm EXTREMELY EXCITED TO RUN MY OWN TRAINING again just based on my own philosophy. the most fun part about this journey for me is the punk rock vibes of just lifting and doing your own stuff all of the time and seeing/knowing that the results are there. Even when I run the conjugate method there's still that individuality factor to it. Saya lang!

    Currently reading up on RTS/RPE/Autoregulation based training and seeing how I can try that out next year.

    Aug 19.

    Repetition Lower Dynamic Upper

    Beltless High Bar Paused Squats (2ct)
    110kg 7 sets of 5

    Beltless Front Squats
    110kg 1 set 2
    90kg 5 sets of 3

    Bent Over Dumbell Row ( I do these like if facepulls and pendlay rows had a baby)
    4 sets of 8 @ a pump weight

    Lat Pulldowns 4 sets of 8 @ a pump weight

    Bicep Curls
    5 sets of 10 @ a pump weight

    Comp Bench Press
    9 sets 3 @ 70kg
    1 set of 8 @ 70kg

    JM press
    playing around with the bar

    Then picked up my girlfriend for some active recovery ;) ; ) ; ) ;) HAHA.

    Tomorrow is Max Effort Deadlift. Psyched to hit up some very serious Sumo deadlift reps for the first time and not just toying around with it.

  • dimzon03dimzon03 Posts: 1,544A-Class

    @Masala Maker said:

    Trained at Zest earlier this afternoon and bumped into @ dimzon03 doing DL's and another guy I met at the meet that trains at Zest. New training partners yaaaaaaaaaay!


    Tomorrow is Max Effort Deadlift. Psyched to hit up some very serious Sumo deadlift reps for the first time and not just toying around with it.

    Sayang wala ako training mamaya, hindi ko makita SUMO's mo.

    Salamat bro sa mga tips kahapon :smile:

  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class

    Is aite maane! lots of training hall moments for us in the future!
    Don't forget to do some of dat der bodybuilding movements after your main lifts! Okay lang naman siguro kela kuya Di yun. Gotta stay on the badass path! :)

  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class

    Aug 22

    Got to meet another lifter that I keep tabs on sa social media hahaha.

    Pause Squats
    115kg 7 sets of 5

    Front Squats 3 sets of 3
    60kg 1 set of 10

    Close Grip Bench
    85kg x 5
    80kg 4 sets of 5
    65kg 1 set of 5

    40kg 4 sets of 8 reps

    Tomorrow I hit accessories for bench and 2nd bout with sumo deadlifts

  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class

    August 20

    Hit a sumo max of 200kg. Considering it's an untrained movement I might stick for it and ride it for 3 months till meet day.

    Trained good mornings and stiff leggeds and goddamn its hard.

  • CoreCore Posts: 2,509B-Class

    Natuloy din! Haha
    Keep it up!

  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class

    Di ko kaya mag Sumos. Ayaw na HAHAHA back to training conventional and this 5-6x a week frequency needs a bit of tweaking here and there( Not going ham on front squats anymore as it might affect deadlift grip the day after for example. Not doing row movements after squat bench and saving it for 1st deadlift day is another) Been a month since and I've never hit 400+ on DL's comfortably and i'm kinda worried haha, my hook grip has gotten significantly weaker as well. I'm gonna stick to it and find out if It time is what my body needs to getting used to this kind of advanced training.

  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class

    Sep 13

    Bench Press medium training grip
    90kg 4x5
    bench feet up 80kg 2x6

    rolling tricep extensions
    4 sets

    2 sets

    High Bar Back Squat
    160kg 3x5 (REP PR!!!!!!) This validates that squatting 3-4x a week without going crazy on intensity as much and rotating variations works for me. So happy with this. Last PR was 150kg for sets of 5-6. Next goal rep PR would be to get my pause squats stronger. ( 140kg 3x5)

    Front Squats
    120kg 2x3 1x2


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