mtb anyone?

spyghostspyghost Posts: 14E-Class
whenever there are no weekend works of family commitments, i pedal in my mtb and go to timberland. i love going 'uphell' :P through the wall then the trails, then back home.

i think this has contributed to my weight loss (fat loss so to speak). this has brought me down from 180# to 160# at 5'9".

now i need to build mass so i won't look frail (mukang galing sa sakit).


  • OhsnapOhsnap Posts: 425
    Let's do the "trail" haha
  • beardugo2014beardugo2014 Posts: 208
    dat incline biking....

    bagyo siguro legs mo...
  • spyghostspyghost Posts: 14E-Class
    the legs is not the problem, squats are 'relatively' easy (for me that is)...

    but my upper body is the problem :( kulang sa laman... payat arms (walang korte bicep at tricep), tapos me lower fl-abs :(
  • mga bro, im into mountain biking. i love trails and "uphell". been to timberland, antenna, sierra madre, pisong kape, bugarin, pangil laguna, tagaytay.

    Doing leg workout like squats, dead lifts and lunges help my pedaling in control.
  • toysuki07toysuki07 Posts: 1,049B-Class
    meron na palang thread na ganto. ride tayo minsan dyan mga sir :)
  • OhsnapOhsnap Posts: 425
    Kakasali ko lang sa 7-11 trail sa timberland Nung Sunday haha set kayo ng ride hehe
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