I stand to be corrected.

This is my first journal and i just want to share what i've been through the last few years. At the same time this shall serve as a daily track record of my workout and food intake just like everyone here.

Ive been a fat boy since I was a kid never have i thought that it would take such toll with my health. i just keep on eating and eating foods that is really bad for the body. i even use the oil where the meat was cooked as a sabaw for the rice. When i was in high school i joined the no-commissioned officers of the CAT to get confident and thin. Training came and i was embarrassed because i couldnt even do a single push up. What's even worst, a lady colleague of mine saved me from the punishment. That was the time I knew i had to do something about my fitness. Right after highschool someone introduced me to man who owns a bench, some plates, barbells and dumbells near our home. I learned basic Lifting from that man but had no formal program yet. So i continued to train. i thought i was doing the right thing. But i was definitely wrong about everything. i do only bench press. I train my chest 4 days a week. because that was my favorite back then. then 1 day for leg, 1 day for back. sometimes i would even skip the leg day because i was bored back then. I ate very little because i was scared i would get fat again. for years ive been doing this kind of program. Yes, i've shed some weight but my body sucks my arms and legs are thin and my lower torso has a lot of fat. So i read some articles in the net and magazine because nothing is improving in my body. I tried different kinds of diet and workout. nothing worked for me until last year. Ive come across something different so i tried it out. since then ive been making progress. It's not that fast but at least i'm achieving results. :)

the picture on the left was taken on 2011, right picture - November 2013
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  • CoreCore Posts: 2,509B-Class
    What is your specific current goal right now?
  • putrackputrack Posts: 89D-Class
    to gain more lean muscle sir.
  • melvinmelvin Posts: 35
    Ganto katawan gusto ko makuha eh! Sir pano po kayo lumiit ng ganyan?
  • putrackputrack Posts: 89D-Class
    basta po basa lang ng basa at try lang kayo ng try. kasi yun po ang naexperience ko. iba iba po tayo ng katawan eh. hehe. kung san ung may nakikita akong improvement dun ako.
  • CoreCore Posts: 2,509B-Class
    How many years since you got started? Consistently?
  • putrackputrack Posts: 89D-Class
    1 and a half year sir.@ core
    Sir do you mind if i ask a question?@core
    im having a hard time understanding this thing about getting ripped. Say i would do caloric surplus. My macro would be 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fat. Most carbs would be low gi source. And non starchy. Will it get me ripped or do i really need to cut down on the weight?
  • Welcome bro ! GJ on your transformation.
    bulk pa! baka walang matira sa katawan mo kapag tinuloy mo yang cut na yan.
  • bomsbonbomsbon Posts: 194
    GJ sa transformation sir, Welcome dito, ilang months kana sa PHAT program mo sir? tsaka ok ba yung results?
  • CoreCore Posts: 2,509B-Class
    putrack wrote:
    "im having a hard time understanding this thing about getting ripped. Say i would do caloric surplus. My macro would be 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fat. ..."

    To get ripped, you need to be on surplus first, then deficit. You won't go there eventually on surplus alone. Bulk then cut!
    putrack wrote:
    "... Will it get me ripped ... ?"

    Yes, but only half-way through there. If you're satisfied with mass months after you bulked up, then that's the time you can start to cut, priority speaking cutting down fat.
    putrack wrote:
    "...do i really need to cut down on the weight?"

    Simply cutting down weight doesn't mean getting yourself a low BF. Being ripped means having a very low BF. And there's a difference between fatloss and weightloss...
    putrack wrote:
    I ate very little because i was scared i would get fat again...

    [size=medium]i was scared i would get fat again...[/size]

    [size=x-large]i was scared i would get fat again...[/size]

    [size=xx-large]i was scared i would get fat again...[/size]

    But first, you need to break that fear and get out of your comfort zone! You could do lean bulk if you wanted to, that's your choice. But if you're desperate and want it ASAP, then you have the choice to lose your abs[size=x-small](<I hate to use my name here! Going to make a new account soon...)[/size] and gain mass(both muscle and the one you scared of) along the way.
  • putrackputrack Posts: 89D-Class
    @ core
    Thank you for the enlightment sir core :)
    With regards to the fear in eating, im breaking it slowly.
    Im at caloric surplus right now. Im doing clean bulk right now. More on low gi carbs. And im happy with the results. Downside is my weight is still fluctuating. Maybe i still have to adjust my caloric intake. Thanks sir.@bombson
    Ive been doing it for 6 months now sir. yes sir, for me it produces good results. Ive been injecting some exercises pag medyo bitin sa ginawa. :)
  • the usual mindset of a former obese. same goes here, was a 245pounder, ok naman kung ganyan gusto mo lean, at least nagiba na lifestyle mo,
  • putrackputrack Posts: 89D-Class
    Upper power day with my girl :)

    Warm up and stretching

    Bb bp
    100 x 13 warm up set
    140 x 10
    170 x 7
    200 x 4 with spot
    210 x 2 with spot

    Weighted dips
    +15 x 10 warm up
    +25 x 8
    +35 x 5
    +35 x 4

    Weighted pull ups
    +15 x 10 warm up
    +20 x 8
    +25 x 6
    +25 x 5

    Bentover rows
    100 x 12 warm up
    140 x 6
    150 x 5
    150 x 4

    Db shoulder press
    50 x 8
    50 x 6
    50 x 6

    Miliary with smith machine
    70 x 6 x 3

    Side lateral raise
    25 x 7
    25 x 6 x 2

    Front raise
    25 x 6 x 3

    Skull crusher
    60 x 5 x 3

    Bicep curls with cambered bar
    60 x 7
    70 x 5 x 2

    Stretch and cd
  • aloy0511aloy0511 Posts: 948
    its possible but it would be effinly hard.

    the best way is to bulk up and do a cut later. calculate your target weight, lean mass, and body fat.
  • kopikopi Posts: 690
    Lakas mag bench sir..good job :^^
  • RockcenaRockcena Posts: 603
    lakas hehe
  • putrackputrack Posts: 89D-Class
    @ aloy
    Yes sir. Im on clean bulk right now. :) medyo costly lang sa grocery. Hehe. :)

    @kopi and rockcena
    Naging favorite ko kasi date chest program sir eh. Hehe. Weak naman po ako sa legs. Ampangit ng lifting stats ko sa squats and dl... Weak hamstrings..:banghead:
  • YatezYatez Posts: 2,745
    define clean at masakit ata sa bulsa mo ang clean bulking
  • putrackputrack Posts: 89D-Class
    @ yates
    Well, from my understanding sir. Clean is anything naturally produced without or with a little trace of processed products or preservatives. its a little costly for me because im stuffing my crisper with brocolli, cucmber, carrots, potato and string beans. At the same time. A kilo of chicken breast skinless, a 110 and a 100 gram maya maya. My grocery went up 250 pesos for the week thats why it became costly for me sir
  • milksworthmilksworth Posts: 3,138
    250 pesos per day? tama ba?
  • putrackputrack Posts: 89D-Class
    no sir. +250 pesos from my original budget for the week
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