How to use HGH

There are many different ways in which to use human growth hormone, I will break it down into 3 categories. These dosages I am giving are my personal opinion and are for educational purposes only.

Anti Aging:

For anti aging benefits you need a very low dosage of hgh, generally people older than 50 use hgh for its anti aging benefits. A dosage of 1 to 2 iu a day is more than enough to get great benefits from hgh.

Weight Loss:

This is probably the most common use for hgh, the weight loss benefits related to human growth hormone use can be great. A dosage of 2 to 4iu a day for weight loss is perfect, 2iu is fine and will lead to great fat loss benefits but if you can afford it then 4 iu would give greater results.

Muscle building:

This is where it gets expensive, hgh needs to be taken at large dosages for decent muscle building benefits, 5 to 10iu a day is what is needed. 5 iu is considered low when it comes to building muscle but it will work, if you are a serious bodybuilder and can afford it then 10iu is what you should be looking at.


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