Newbie from malolos

hello everyone! im a newbie here. I just want to gain knowledge about fitness and health in this site plus I need suggestions regarding my journey in weight loss program.

Im actually a beginner in doing hiit exercises. Right now Im 53kg with a height of 5'2. Ive done hiit for almost 2 weeks now. And a low calorie meals per day. I look like a skinny fat female. And my body fat is around 30%. What do you suggest for me to burn my stubborn fats?

Thank you guys! I hope someone could response. It will be a big help.


  • t4g4yt4g4y Posts: 1,933S-Class

    Welcome to PBB brother!

    HIIT is good. Sad to say you can't target a specific area on your body to lose fat, but tracking your calories is a good start. And if you want to build muscles then start lifting :)

    It would be helpful for others if you put some pics bro so people can also suggest helpful inputs for your status.

    Create a personal Journal:
    Good luck Brother! Log all your activities, pics, food, etc. in your personal journal so you can track your progress. - <--click the link to start one.

    Happy lifting!

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