Bago lang po :)

I've just passed this site and found interesting topics here.

27 yrs old, sabi ng friend ko mesomorph daw, did some research, parang oo currently, but i'll post some of my pics later on, for u to judge; skinny kasi ako since highschool at nagsimula lang akong mag gain just 2-3 years ago.

I started to get interested in body toning 1st because of my man boobs, kasi binubully ako nung high school ako at second I just want to feel proud sa sarili ko. Guys any suggestion for a start? May libreng gym sa work ko so maybe magandang I take advantage


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    Welcome to PBB brother! Since may libreng Gym sa office nyo make the most out of it! hehe

    I found an interesting topic for your question.

    Start with a compound lift
    Four of the biggest muscle-building lifts are the barbell squat, deadlift, overhead press Opens a New Window. , and bench press. A good rule of thumb (but not an iron law) is to do one of these lifts first, then follow up with assistance exercies to build maxium strength, size, and power.

    For example, bench press first for a few sets. Then do another chest Opens a New Window. exercise—this time, one that is a single-joint movement. Doing one “push” exercise like a bench press or squat followed by one “pull” exercise like a leg curl or lat pulldown is surefire way to build up your back and chest evenly. Since it’s your first day, use the push/pull exercise order to leave no muscle behind.

    You can read all of it here :)

    Don't forget that YOUTUBE is your friend :), you can always look for videos for reference.

    Good luck Brother! Don't forget to log all your activities, pics, food, etc. in your personal journal so you can track your progress. - <--click the link to start one.

    Happy lifting!

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