Promatrix Advance Muscle Mass Gainer

Hey there. I just discovered this page today. I was wondering if you could help me.

I'm 21yrs old, 63kg, 5'7 and I lift weights 3x a week. My Promatrix Advance Muscle Mass Gainer just arrived today and I'm not sure how much and how often should I drink this. I want to gain muscle especially my upper body. Please help me. Thank you!


  • BoyRhomboidsBoyRhomboids Posts: 28E-Class
    Use teedee calculator and monitor ur above required calorie if bulking
  • angazzdinangazzdin Posts: 1

    How's the result of taking promatrix mass?

    coz i have also.. 2 days use plang.

  • kenchu15kenchu15 Posts: 4
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    two months na ako nag tetake ng promatrix mass and I feel awesome kase laki talaga nag bago sa katawan ko although sometimes napapaisip ako sa lasa kase mas masarap talaga yung promatrix7 kesa promatrix mass
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