5'5 - 70KG Guy - Ok ba Promatrix Mass Gainer?

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Hi to all the Masters,

I am fairly new po sa forum. I've been working out and hitting the gym for so so many years, 4+years or so. But I never gained or achieved the body that I am dreaming of.

I am a very busy person po and works more than 8 hours a day pero I have time to hit the gym but my food intake is very irregular. Sleeping patters are irregular too.

I am just wondering if taking Promatrix Mass Gainer can help me get more muscles.

Thank you po sa lahat ng mga sasagot.

More power!!

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  • xerophytesxerophytes Posts: 130C-Class

    Your food intake is irregular.

    Your sleep pattern is irregular.

    And now you want to introduce a bigger variable - mass gainer for muscle growth?

    I can guarantee you, your money will go to waste. Fix your food intake. Fix your sleeping pattern. Optimize your recovery. Create a healthy routine. THEN, let's talk about supplementing your program.

    It's like saying, oh hey, let's buy big fancy TV but we don't have electricity and lock for our house.

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