Bodyweight and current max lifts

hirap na hirap ako lumakas any strength tips para ma exceed yung plateau.
Currently at 70kg
Current lifts
Flat bench press: 175lb 5reps
Incline bench: 155lb 4reps
Shoulder press: 135lb 3reps
Deadlift: 280lb 2reps
Squat: 225lb 2reps

No supplement, i eat 4times a day any tips po.
My current goals are 225lb bench, 185lb shoulder press, 365lb deadlift, 315lb squat.
I plan on bulking my weight to 80kg
Drop your stats at the comment w/ a small info about you.


  • go_liathgo_liath Posts: 1

    For bench, when I was hitting plateaus, I started eating more carbs throughout the day, especially load up on carbs an hour or so before workout.

    I currently weigh 81 kg @ 5'10'' and bench 210x5..

    More importantly, start doing dips and then add some weigh(10 lb plate or something).. nakaka help talaga cus it hits your long tricep real good if you do it with the correct form.

    Also heavy DB rows, it develops good upper back strength for your bench press. It will help to add 10-20 lbs on your bench.

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