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Hi Good Afternoon po,
Bago lang po rito - Just checking this site.
I understand some stuff about lifting but not refined or probably I have some wrong information :expressionless: ...

We all have different goals, but mine is to improve my ahtletic performance through body strengthening.
I also want to improve my recovery period after long and hard workout and learn more about the supplements.
I have a regular gym membership and trying my best to workout whenever I can. About 4x a week.
I also run regularly, 3X week from 5Km - 21Km depending on my time and energy.

Been running/working out since 2009.
Then naging OFW po - In good fate, medyo bumigat at umabot sa 100kg.

Awa naman po, naibalik kahit paano to 85kg, but I really want to be back at 75kg. (long shot but I want to do my best)

Lurking for a while here and will probably ask question as soon as I exhaust all the discussions in this forum.
Thank you po.


Gusto ko rin po sana magka-abs. :P

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  • xerophytesxerophytes Posts: 130C-Class

    Kinda confused, did you gain that much weight even with consistent running and 4x a week of gym training?

  • delalvarezdelalvarez Posts: 30E-Class

    Good Afternoon Sir,
    Oops - Medyo ang gulo nga ng story ko
    Pero let me just edit a few things...

    been working out since 2009 (on and off)
    Naging OFW, In good fate (not really) medyo bumigat to 100kg (marami nang pagkain) (from 2011-2015)
    Eating a lot, working out less...

    awa naman po in 2015, naibalik naman to 85kg... after consistently training...
    4X a week and running....

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    Welcome to PBB paps!

  • senyorsenyor Posts: 61D-Class

    Welcome to PBB brad!

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