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  • DalmasVektazDalmasVektaz Posts: 2,155
    more pain,more fun..-Gorio
  • Mighty_OakMighty_Oak Posts: 3,940
    "We're in hell right now gentlemen, believe me and we can stay here get the shit kicked out of us, or we can fight our way back into the light. We can climb outta hell. One inch at a time."

    "There is sometimes in life when you fall down and feel like you don't have the strength to get back up, and that's when you call all your faith and say to yourself, It's POSSIBLE, It's POSSIBLE, I can make it. It's POSSIBLE I'm going to get thru this. It's POSSIBLE, I'm not going to allow this to get the best of me."
  • RhodRhod Posts: 69
    "work hard, lift harder"
    if you're always hard, that's a different story
  • iSamsonJeffiSamsonJeff Posts: 764
    "i dont workout for chicks, i workout to create an aura. when i walk into a room, introduce myself to someone, go for a job interview, i love looking dominant, in charge, and in control. I love walking past and having people point and talk about me. i love the fact that when i go somewhere with thousands of people. almost all of them will remember who i am when it is over, and i didnt even have to say a word (this was the case before people knew who i was)

    None of this will make sense to any of you once you get the physique and know whats its like. I know it sounds like im bragging, but think of it as driving a ferrari in real life. Why do people drive ferraris? to get attention, looks, exert dominance and superiority from the norm, and to get people talking..but it also inspires jealousy and haters on the person driving. Thats exactly what i experience IRL"

    "TRAIN as much as you HATE"
  • boss_jboss_j Posts: 1,243B-Class
    Motivation is what gets you started; habit is what keeps you going
  • daikixDdaikixD Posts: 80D-Class
    Be Happy but Never Satisfy
  • BANEBANE Posts: 1,927C-Class
    Share ko lang yung favorite poem ko for hard work;

    “Dear hard work!
    I used to hate you.
    When you called my name, I heard it and ran away from you.
    When I knew you were coming, I used to hide from you.
    When you influence others to talk to me, I quickly made excuses to get away from you!
    Afraid of the pain because I didn’t want to get hurt.
    Afraid to fail, so I didn’t even try.
    And afraid of your name, because of what you’ve done to others.
    Who do you think you are?
    Making me so afraid of who you are!
    Reflection in the mirror… shadow behind me…
    I take one step and you are still ahead of me…
    Sweat in my face, tears in my eyes…
    I keep on going, I heard you tell no lies.
    You turn the poor to rich, bad grades to good grades…
    Is there anything you can’t do?
    Now look at me!
    You made me who I am today!
    Because of you I have this Never-losing, Never- giving-up attitude!
    Quitting? That is not in my vocabulary!
    When they quit – I keep going!
    When they sleep – I work harder!
    When they said that I can’t and cut me out, I show them that I can!
    When I tell them about my dreams and they laugh, I make sure – I laugh last!
    I am a dream chaser!
    It means I am chasing My Dream and no one else’s!
    Only I can defeat me!
    It’s me against this work you put on me!
    There is no losing, I will not lose!
    I came this far and I am not stopping now!
    Oh, hard work! My Dad was right about you – you do pay off!
    Because of that I love you! How can I not?
    I am no longer hiding from you!
    I am waiting for you!
    As a matter of fact, where are you?
    I need you!
    Because In Hard Work I Trust!”

    Meron din video adaptation nito. dito ko nalang post yung link hindi dun sa mot videos para isa nalang lol

  • fatmonkeyfatmonkey Posts: 308C-Class
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