Hi, I'm new here.

Hi, I'm a newbie in this page.

I've been lifting for about nine months and I've seen changes already. I just turned 18 last August and I know a little about bodybuilding. The burden is, I have very bad genes. Some would say that I look like a walking stick with a bloated stomach and a shoulder dropping alien. The first time I hit the gym, I received compliments like "wala ka nang chance" and the like. Those comments didn't stop me from reaching my goal until some of my friends saw the changes and began to say positive things about me. I only hit the gym (BAKAL) once a month in order to learn new programs and executions and right after, I spend the rest of my days in my own small gym. I have enough plates (a total of 150lbs) given by my uncle and a good old bench. I lift 5x a week with BCAA and Creatine intake only because as a college student, I cannot yet pay for protein shakes or other expensive food supplements. I also don't have a good diet plan since I only eat what is served but what I know is, I am taking enough protein everyday.

My main source of knowledge about the gym is in bodybuilding.com. I based almost all my program in there and visit youtube at the same time for proper executions but the problem is, the website is international. People there don't have the same blood with us and their diet is different from us. They survive with only fruits and shake for their meal but we filipinos won't live without rice a day which is basically the source of calories not good for getting ripped.

I had a lot of fun while doing this thing and right now, I guess I'm about to reach my goal but due to the fact that I only have limited equipment, I also found out that my body isn't anymore proportional. My upper body widen. The traps, chest, even my biceps and triceps expanded but I notice only a few changes on my legs and calves. Maybe because I only perform squats and lunges because of limited equipment.

Anyways, weightlifting is great. I'm also an asthma survivor. I can't run the whole football course before and can't even play for five minutes in the basketball court but thanks to the gym, I learned proper breathing that is also applicable in playing. I am also now into sports and I was given the chance to participate as a varsity in basketball in our college institution.

Let's lift hard, train hard, and together let us finish the race while looking back in our past saying "I'm not anymore the boy I used to be. I grew up. I'm a man now."


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