Best workout while on DBOL?

JAestheticJAesthetic Posts: 58D-Class
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Mga boss mag start nako first cycle ko with Test E and dbol next week. Ano ba workout routine na okay while on AAS? Push/pull/legs? 4day upper lower? Or 5 day body part split or 5x5? Thanks
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  • TryandTry101TryandTry101 Posts: 628A-Class

    Meron ba yan pinagkaiba sa routine ng mga natty? I think wala naman pero ang alam ko yung nasa photo sa baba

    Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS..Stay natty til I

  • SteelHeadSteelHead Posts: 55D-Class

    You're about to take steroids without knowing that much about exercises? That seems to be not only risky but also counterproductive and irresponsible.

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