I just quit my smoking about a week ago and while at it gusto ko na din isabay yung pag gym, i decided to start a personal online journal to monitor my development and pls feel free to voice out any sugestions or opinions,

So here it is,

Just call me urek(not my real name),29yrs old, i think ive been smoking for around 11yrs above and finally decided to quit,i have a medium body buid,around 5"7 ang height ko.xSVYEaYh.jpg

Bale nag start lang ako ng mga simple exercise dto sa tinitirahan ko, meron akong dumbells ,bars and plates na around 150kg galing sa local friend ko dto, un lang gnagamit ko now at isang makeshift na benchpress haha, then i watched some videos on you tube regarding sa kung ano2 ang pde ko gawin sa mga gamit ko,so eto na po

Strechings for around 10mins(watched some vid on youtube)
Jump ropes 4mins x 3 sets
Jumping jack 3mins x 3sets
Half push ups( 20reps × 3sets)
Bench press 40kg 9x3 sets
Dumbell press? 15kg each 8x 3 sets
Military press 45 kg 7x3sets
Sit ups 15x 3sets

And mostly i spend my time on cardio workouts na napanood ko dn sa you tube(due to i want to increase yung oxygen capacity ng lungs ko)

Im a total noob talaga so most of what im doing wala akong idea,baka meron kau mai suggest na routine para sakin,

My main goal is to detoxify my body

Anyways i think im gonna keep on doing this for around 3 weeks then see if im ready to hit the gym,tsaka mejo mag nood dn ako ng mga youtube vids to gain knowledge on what exercise i need to do para sa target body parts ko.

Pls feel free to give some inputs and opinions

Thanks a lot and more power


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    Nice reference pics sir, Kung gusto mo i try split exercises

    Monday - international chest day lol (flat bb/db press, incline bb press, decline bb press, db flyes)

    Tuesday - Shoulders (military press, side lat raises, bent over rear delt, front raise)

    Wednesday - Back/traps (wide grip lat pulldown, seated cable row, single arm db row, Deadlift) traps (db shrugs)

    Thursday - arms/abs alam mo na to bicep/tricep (isolation exercises) at nag abs ka naman na pala

    Friday - legs (lunges, squat, leg curl, calves raises)




    Eto reference sir kung gusto mo :) para mas maunawaan mo hehehe, good luck and happy lifting.

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  • t4g4yt4g4y Posts: 1,940S-Class

    nga pala wait mo na rin response ng iba, medyo busy lang sila minsan hehe

  • ivandeasisivandeasis Posts: 74D-Class

    @t4g4y leg day ako lagi pag monday kasi ubusan ng bench sa gym hahahaha

  • ivandeasisivandeasis Posts: 74D-Class

    Monday – Leg day (back squat, front squat, leg extension, hamstring curls, stiff-leg deadlift, calve raise)
    Tuesday- Chest day (flat bench press, incline bench press, incline or flat dumbellpress, peck flies, dips)
    Wednesday- Rest day
    Thursday – Back day ( Wide lateral pulldown, close lateral pulldown, cable row or barbell row, deadlift, goodmorning)
    Friday – Shoulders day (military press or dumbbell press, side raise, from raise, Arnold press, shrugs)
    Saturday-Rest day
    Sunday-Arms day (bicep curls, chin ups, tricep pulldown, skull crushers, close grip flat bench press, dips)

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