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1.STRENGTH TRAINING - This training pertains to the development and improvement of one's strength. Not only on one area but rather over-all areas like pushing strength and pulling strength.

2.SPEED TRAINING - This training pertains to the amount of work done on a certain activity that it does. In short there is a time element that one can do in a shortest time possible. Like for example when you run a 100meter distance how much time can you finish, your time correlates the speed you did to that distance.

3.POWER TRAINING - This training is related to the amount of work done that produces an effect. Example, lifting a 500lbs squat below parallel takes so much power to lift it back. The distance travelled past beyond parallel level requires an enormous strength to lift it back. In other words Power is the result of Strength done on a certain distance.

4.CARDIOVASCULAR TRAINING - As the name implies, it basically refers to the heart's capacity to do work for a certain amount of time, the longer the one does a certain activity like walking, running, swimming, biking, etc. the more improved the cardiovascular Endurance one has. That's the reason that before an individual do a certain workout routine, he or she does a certain time of cardio equipment like a walk on a treadmill or do a stationary bike for 15-20mins to warm-up the heart and preparing the body for the training. Training Cardiovascularly calls for the amount of time that one does the training.

5.MUSCULAR ENDURANCE TRAINING - This involves the intermediate muscle fiber or the combination of the red and white muscle fiber. This calls for the amount of work (Number of repetitions) a certain individual does for a certain movement. The higher the number of repetitions on the same amount that one does the more he or she is becoming improved on that area.

6.FLEXIBILITY TRAINING - This training pertains to the range of motion of muscle muscle or a body part. The farther the range of movement the better your flexibility. Training this area involves that one does the stretching after your workout to lessen the tension on the muscles and helps to recover your muscles better.

7.BALANCE TRAINING - This is usually be evident when you do leg exercises. When you do squatting movements or lunging movements which requires that an individual must first establish balance before adding more weight or resistance. Therefore to improve ones balance is to add resistance.

8.COORDINATION TRAINING - This is the Mind Muscle Connection. In other words, you have to develop on how your muscles respond to on how your brain thinks. To develop and train this area, one must be able to do multiple task like in supersetting an exercise or like movements like burpees which requires a lot of coordination.

9.AGILITY TRAINING - Calls for the ability of an individual to change position in a split second. To develop this area, an individual must do exercise training like tabata and Plyometric.

10.TIME REACTION TRAINING - This pertains on how fast an individual react to a certain movement. This area is being developed by doing Plyometric training.

•The over-all effect when an individual does the above training is the improvement of its body composition or the amount of muscle mass against to its fat mass. The most important thing to consider here is the Nutrition (try to check my past post regarding nutrition).

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