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My stamina is getting better bit by bit but i usually do walks every other day. Im planning to go to the gym to gain weight. Can i ask if i should at least take a month of bulking or gain weight by eating alot before doing the gym? Also i have no idea about the macro calorie thingy, though i saw some diet planning on the netz to eat a meal every 4 hours and that is what im planning to do. Is this correct or i need to adjust it by some nutritional system? im 5'11'' and now i weigh 100 kgs. Can i ask some tips and advices not only from the masters but also to my fellow noobs who might have some info. the more info the better help to get my life back and fight back at it


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    you sure 100kgs you still need to bulk? pls post a pic, what is your waist line and pant size? there is a difference

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    tingin ko 100 lbs ang ibig mong sabihin bro @hentaiking :smile:

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    i dont think its a typo, my wife is 120lbs at 5 feet, 100lbs in a 5 11 person is concentration camp thin

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    Your pic will determine that sir @hentaiking welcome to PBB
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