I'm a total newbie

i don't know what to do or where to start. I've never visited a gym. I don't know the scenarios happening inside a gym. gusto kong magbuhat pero wala akong idea at di ko alam gagawin ko.


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    welcome to PBB sir.

    First ano ba plan mo? what's your goal? fat/weight loss? build muscle? etc. I suggest you do a research first :-) Google is free :-) hehe

  • I have a skinnyfat body. would it be good if i bulk first o cut muna po?

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    @canlasaj said:
    I have a skinnyfat body. would it be good if i bulk first o cut muna po?

    some pics of you would be nice as reference so anyone here can see and suggest what's best for you. Cmon don't be shy now hehehe

  • i have no pics to show. but my bod was like this.....


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    Okay. I'd suggest you make a journal sir. Then we'll take it from there :-)

    Here's the link and click the button "New Discussion" on the upper left of the page. good luck :-)
    Try to view and read other members journal so you'll have an idea on what to write.


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  • i have no guts to lift tbh. nahihiya ako coz i might mess up. but i guess every expert was once a beginner.

    thanks for the advice btw.

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    pag gusto may paraan, pag ayaw may dahilan.. hehehehe. good luck sir.

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