Mga sir tanung lang po. Magstart palang po ako mag gym gusto ko po sana malaman kung ano yung best weekly routine para makagain ako ng weight and develop muscles at the same time. O kaya you can share your gym program also and equipments na gagamitin. Slamat po


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    Well it depends on the individual, when i started lifting 25 plus years ago, there was on internet...local gym (eumorpho) was a few minutes walk, did what any newbie would do, tried all the machines and did all the movements in one day, worked out for 3 hours at a time, which was wrong. Now any gym rat will tell you less is more, good way to start is do light circuit training for a hours, for two weeks just to get the body and nervous system used to working out, after that you can do splits, one big body part and a small one a day, like chest and tri, restday, legs & shoulder, restday, back and bi, restday, repeat, again no more than a hours, 75mins the most. You can remove the rest in between day if you feel like working out, Sets and reps vary to every individual, end of the day youll figure it out...good luck,

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    If you are a beginner or never had done any weight-training before, any "heavy-enough" exercise will induce muscle growth. No fancy training programs (from famous "gurus" or YouTube personalities) needed

    Push Ups, Dips, Handstand Push Ups and Pull Ups can give you a strong and big upper body if you progress with them properly.

    For the lower body, you really need weights (barbell, dumbbell, kettlebells, etc). Start with basics like Deadlifts and Squats

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