Promatrix Mass

I saw this supplement in one of the shop in Ali Mall, i am very skeptical about this product, is this product a legit? i did a research but not on this, Promatrix 7, which has an FDA public warning. For those who have taking Promatrix Mass, does it really effective? Thanks guys


  • DeanofMeanDeanofMean Posts: 161C-Class

    Almost 1 year narin ako umiinom ng PM 7, so far so good naman sir. May thread dito about Pro Matrix 7, nandun yung mga testimonies ng mga masters dito sa pbb about sa PM 7.

  • TRoll_W_a_HeartTRoll_W_a_Heart Posts: 1,308S-Class

    go chk if your lactose intolerant, doesnt work for me

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