F being inconsistent! Time for real gainz!

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Sup everybody.
Everybody wants a nice and healthy body but people like me want fast results. Guess what? It's not realistic but it's the journey that makes it realistic. Look at steph curry. Did he wake up one day and started shooting crazy 3's? The answer is no but it was his journey that made him the 3 pt God. To wrap it up, hard work is done and not said.

I'm david and my body is lagging because of inconsistency. I admit it. Through out the years I wasnt able to work my ass off because I had the mindset of getting big without losing a few abs. But it wasnt working because i wasnt eating like a man!

My fitness journey begins again again and AGAIN but now its game time! Now i understand the macro game and my body. I wasnt also able to work my ass off because I suck with time management. Im that person who says to himself" im going to wake up early and eat breakfast" . I do it....SOMETIMES. HAHA. That's my point with inconsistency. As a nursing student, I can say my body was like some ECG reading, there were ups and down!

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    First pic -2014
    second pic -2015
    the rest is this month

    I should of had made bigger improvements if i wasnt inconsistent
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    Welcome to PBB bro!


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    Thanks bro!
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    Guess what? Did a solid chest workout for 30 minutes! My homies are going to have a vacation at Cali and they gonna drink. I cant miss out.hahaha what a bad start but it's all about discipline. Deuces!La0mFjB.jpg
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    welcome to pbb! wishing you all the best with your fitness journey. You can start your own journal and get some advise and inputs from the iron masters in this forum! :)

    Train like hell, No excuses!

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    Welcome sa PBB bro!
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    Chicken legs! I use to skip leg day before but its time to face my weakness!
    Squats-60-60 lbs 4 sets 6-8 Full ROM

    Taking Creafactor pre and post

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    Before gym:118lbs
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    Current supplements.
    I usually gym late afternoon or night so that post meals would be protein such as eggs. Pre and post is the creactor. Mass gainer is 2 scoops per serving . One in the morning and one before i sleep.

    *GS by ON was also a part of my journey and nitrotech mass gainer but i believe i didnt use it right because hindi ko sinabay ng tamang pag kain so umpisahan ko ngyaon sa current supplements and clean food. May outing kami sa 23-24 kaya cant beast out on carbs.
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    Tell your Stats like Height, Weight (lbs) PRs and Macro Micro Status so People can give their opinion on your Journey. What to do, When to do, Where to do etc.

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    If you lift during the afternoon, kain ka ng maraming rice during dinner time.

    Train like hell, No excuses!

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