Newbie question regarding whey, amino and food supp


1 month plang po ako nag wowork out, i'm 5'7 and 150lbs mesomorph body, ngayon plang po ako mag sisimula mag Whey using Pm7, pa help nmn po pra sa concern ko ( my goal is magkaabs tho visible na ung upper abdominal ko pero ung middle mejo hindi pa ganun ka visible tas ung lower is covered pa rin ng belly fat ) :

1. Okay lang ba pagsabayin si pm7 at amino2222, previously im taking 5pcs amino 2222 before workout and 3pcs after workout then 2pcs before sleeping. then i'l be taking pm7 thrice a day. bali 10pcs amino and 3 pm7 = 74g protein per day

2. work out routine is 8am ( wake up 7:30 am for light breakfast like 1pc banana lang ) then after workout dun plang ako nag bbreakfast, 

3. workout program, 
Monday ->

Tuesday ->
(20 mins jumping rope ) 1min rest 1min jumps
planking 5 mins
sit ups
push ups

Wednesday ->

Same program ng cardio

Friday REST

Saturday same ng monday

Sunday same ng tuesday

Ask lang po may mali po ba sa current routine ko


  • bundesheerbundesheer Posts: 208B-Class
    Brad nde mo ba nakukuha sa whole foods ang required daily protein mo?imo,mas nakakabuti na 1/4 ng daily protein intake mo ay sa supplement mo kunin at 3/4 ay sa whole foods.ginawa ko na yang 3 times a day na whey protein pero nde magandw,ang result.ive gained weight from muscles and fats,supplement is just supplement,wag mo don ibase ang nutrition mo.
    Wag ka sumunod sa idol mo sa youtube kase magkaiba kayo ng katawan,timbang at training.
  • TRoll_W_a_HeartTRoll_W_a_Heart Posts: 1,308S-Class

    Ernesto, you didnt include the macros you get from whole food, i would suggest you download the myfitnesspal app so you could track what you are eating/macros and if you need supplimentation. Btw there is no such thing as a true mesomorph, there are combinations like ecto-meso or meso-endo, if there is one you are already perfect and you dont need to work out anymore.

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