Project Two point Zero (2.0)

Weight: 69 kg (Dec. 2015)
Height : 172 cm (Dec 2015)

Goal: Gain more Muscles

Workout start date: Dec. 20, 2015
Workout Schedule : M-W-F
Workout status : Ongoing

Food intake : 1.5 cups rice or bread , vegetables and meat for 4-5 meals on workout days. For non-workout days, less rice more meat and vegetables and/or tofu (para medyo madali magpaliit ng tyan hehehe) tsaka less soda na and more water intake.

-Workout plan-
(To be posted)

-Progress Photos-


  • Workout Plan

    Indoor Cycling - 10 minutes
    Barbell Bench Press - 3x12
    Barbell Incline Bench Press - 3x12 
    Barbel Decline Bench Press - 3x12
    Leverage Incline Bench Press - 3x12
    Leverage Chest Press - 3x12
    Dumbbell Seated Reverse Grip One Arm Overhead - 6x12
    Dumbbell Standing Tricep Kickback - 4x10
    Press down Short Bar - 4x12
    Press down V-Bar - 3x12
    Decline Crunch - 3x25
    Dumbbell Side Bend - 8x15
    <additional  routines if not yet tired>

    Indoor Cycling - 10 minutes
    T-Bar Wide Grip - 4x10
    T-Bar Narrow Grip - 4x10
    Close Grip Front Lat Pulldown - 4x10
    Wide Grip Lat Pulldown - 4x10
    Wide Grip Pulldown Behind the Neck - 4x10
    Cable Seated Row - 4x10
    Dumbbell One Arm Row - 8x10
    Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown - 4x10
    Close Grip Reverse Lat Pulldown - 4x10
    Leverage Machine Iso Row - 8x10
    Cable Rope Lat Pulldown - 4x10
    Machine Reverse Flyes - 4x10
    Barbell Deadlift - 4x10
    Decline Crunch - 3x25
    Dumbbell Side Bend - 8x15
    <additional  routines if not yet tired>

    Indoor Cycling - 10 minutes
    Barbell Standing Military Press - 4x10
    Barbell Military Press Behind Neck - 4x10
    Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press - 4x10
    Dumbbell Standing Alternate Front Raises - 8x10
    Dumbbell Lateral Raise - 4x10
    Barbell Squat - 4x10
    Leg Press - 4x40
    EZ Bar Upright Row - 4x10
    Lying  Leg Curls - 4x10
    Leg Extensions - 4x10
    Dumbbell Bent Over Row - 4x10
    Dumbbell Concentration Curls - 8x10
    Dumbbell One Arm Standing Curl - 8x10
    Preacher Curl Machine - 4x10
    Seated Calf Raise - 4x25
    EZ Bar Curl - 3x10
    Decline Crunch - 3x25
    Dumbbell Side Bend - 8x15
    <additional  routines if not yet tired>

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