Chest Fat

Hi mga Sir,

Rai here. Been working out regularly for three years now. With progress. Sort of. The thing is i cannot get rid this fat on my lower chest going to the side, making it moob-ish. 

I tried cutting calories back then but I lost some muscle. I lift and do cardio six times a week. The chest fat is really stubborn.

Any help you can offer?

Thanks guys.


  • cramnhojcramnhoj Posts: 73D-Class
    The thing is there's no way to remove fat from a specific location you want. The body decides where to store fat when you're bulking and where to remove fat when you're cutting.

    You can,

    Simply build up muscle such that the fat ain't noticed,
    Go on a cutting diet and try to loose fat until that particular location is removed of fat and then go on a clean bulking diet with calorie counting to ensure you don't gain too much fat again,
    Or have an operation and actually have a doctor remove the fat that you want.
  • dimzon03dimzon03 Posts: 1,542A-Class
    Hello Sir! welcome sa site  :smile:

    san ka sa valenzuela sir? Dalandanan lang ako.
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