From heavy drinker to heavy lifter (to be updated)

Hi All,

My Name is Vin.

Highschool days  I get drunk and Smoke Half pack of cigarettes every day. That kind of lifestyle took quite a toll on my health and growth both my brothers are 5'11 while im stuck at 5'5 sucks im thinking that it must be the late night inumans. I started lifting weights when i was 20. The reason i got into body building is because my gf wants em big guns and tight abs. I know, I know, i was a kid back then. I used to workout twice a week saturdays and sundays. But after 6 years i realized that its just wasnt enough. So i did my research about diet, programs, supplementation and luckily found this forum. Changed my program to a 5 day split, Invested on supps and changed my diet. i started at 135.8 lbs last October 16, 2015 now im at 143lbs so far so good :)

Will update this soon with pics :)


  • BANEBANE Posts: 1,927C-Class
    welcome t pbb bro
  • VinspinVinspin Posts: 13E-Class
    BANE wrote:
    welcome t pbb bro

    Thanks Bro!  :biggrin:
  • larome05larome05 Posts: 13E-Class
    Welcome to PBB bro!
  • dimzon03dimzon03 Posts: 1,542A-Class
    welcome bro Vin!
  • VinspinVinspin Posts: 13E-Class
    Anyone can suggest workouts program using free weights and Bodyweight only? Hinahabol ko kasi legs ko since my upper body is starting to look bigger. I only have the following equipment available:

    Bench with barbell rack(Incline, Flat, Decline)
    Long Bar
    Ez Curl Bar

    Home workout lang ako ever since and search lang sa ng exercise na pwede isingit sa routine ko. Kaya noob pa talaga ako. Baka may nagagawa akong sobra at may nagagawang kulang feel free to suggest exercises. Right now focus ko is bulk hitting 8-12 reps 5 sets of each.

    Sun(Back, BI)
    - Bent Over Single hand Long Bar Row
    - Dead Lifts
    - Over hand Dumbell Row
    - Neutral grip Dumbell Row
    - Bent Over Barbell Row (Wide)
    - Bent Over Barbell Row (Close)
    - Shrugs
    - Alternate Dumbell Curl
    - Cross Body Hammer Curl
    - Concentration Curls
    - Inner Bicep Curl
    - Close Grip EZ Bar Crul

    - Various Core exercises planks etc. maybe you guys can suggest good core exercises?

    - Military Press
    - Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press
    - Arnold Press
    - Side Lat Raises
    - Front Raises
    - Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Raises
    - EZ Curl Bar Wide Upright Row

    - Alternate Dumbell Curl
    - Cross Body Hammer Curl
    - Concentration Curls
    - Inner Bicep Curl
    - Close Grip EZ Bar Crul
    - Dips
    - Dumbell One Arm Triceps Extension
    - Bent Over One Arm Trceps Extension
    - Standing Dumbell Tricep Extension
    - Skull Crusher
    - Leg Raises
    - Crunches
    - Plank
    - Side Plank

    - Dead Lifts
    - Stiff Leg Dead Lifts
    - Squats
    - Leg Exension
    - Lying Leg Curls

    - Various Core Exercises

    - Flat Bench Press
    - Incline Bench Press
    - Decline Bench Press
    - Dumbell Pull Over
    - Various Push ups
    - Flat Dumbell Flys
    - Alternate Dumbell Curl
    - Cross Body Hammer Curl
    - Concentration Curls
    - Inner Bicep Curl
    - Close Grip EZ Bar Crul
  • VinspinVinspin Posts: 13E-Class

    Just want to share my before and after pics.

    1st pic: Heavy drinking, No Workout, Unhealthy eating = Skinny fat
    2nd pic: Started Working out, No Proper Diet
    3rd pic: Serious Workout, Proper Diet (Slow Bulk), Proper Supplementation

    Home workout with a pair of dumbells and a bench :)

    I know madami pa kakaining bigas but im happy na kahit papano may improvement.

    Merry Xmas and More gainz to come this 2016.
  • VinspinVinspin Posts: 13E-Class
    Just want to share my current progress. Im now at 148 from 146 last january doing slow bulk. Im 5'5 tall how do i know when i need to start cutting?

    My current diet is 2545 calories plus 500 from my maintenance. when i do a slow cut do i need to go straight to 1500 calories or do a maintenance for a couple of weeks? TIA

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