One of my Motivations

owel1owel1 Posts: 142C-Class
Katya Elise Henry

Yovanna Ventura

I have watch how these two girls worked out on youtube. Not that intense but I really like girls who have strong legs or lower body. Hips, Butt, Legs, and Calves. These girls keep reminding me that men should have bigger legs than theirs, and that I think, makes them see the proof that you're really strong guy. You have strong foundation which is your legs. That makes you REAL MAN. 

Don't wanna look like pencil or lollipop. My wife always tells me that I have thin legs, and I'm really taking it as a challenge. She has bigger and nice legs than me. That hurts but really thank her for being honest. I accept what she said to me. So I started working out my legs. Not yet close to be bigger than hers but at least there's progress.

Honestly speaking I'm always attracted to these types of bodies. Not much muscle but it makes them look so hot, not manly (but not to judge other's point of view).

Weeeww. Damn hot girls!!!!!


  • bundesheerbundesheer Posts: 208B-Class
    lol.nakakapanghina yang mga yan bro.namomotivate ako sa ibang exercise.
  • owel1owel1 Posts: 142C-Class
    LOL. .okay lang yan, minsan lang naman tayo mag ganyan dito. hehe
  • AestecniquesAestecniques Posts: 487C-Class
    Pwede ding pre-workout ang tignan ang mga pictures nila. 30 mins before work-out hahaha
  • owel1owel1 Posts: 142C-Class
    Lalong mawawalan ka yata ng gana pag pre-workout. Ibang workout magagawa mo nun. Gusto ko nga ring ituro sa partner ko yung workout/diet ni katya elise para magaya yung lower part ng katawan. Hhmmmnn.
  • JVM34JVM34 Posts: 11
    Hurray to fit girls! meron rin akong mga "motivation" na ganyan sa instagram ko eh haha!
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