Overcoming PLATEAU

To be perfectly honest I started to lift weights way back in High School days. My family and friends used to call me sexy ( coz I had a body like a hot girl, DARN) That was so excruciating. I was not consistent though, but then I noticed some gains. Of course we all know you can build muscle faster when you are still young. More testosterone.

Then, I started to loose weight. I used to drink a lot, smoke a lot, not getting enough rest. From college days til last January, 2015.

And now I'm back. Seriously, I don't wanna be like that anymore. I wanna be noticed when I take my shirt off or even with shirt on. I wanna live healthy, long life and stay fit till my day comes.
The problem is I think I reached my plateau, that's something that I really want to overcome and make huge gain, lean muscles.

Now, I figured out that there are lot more things I should know or learn about body building. When I started visiting this website it made me so small like an ant. A lot of guys who's bigger than me, have aesthetic body, beasts are everywhere in this website. I look forward to know all those folks who are taking body building seriously. This is gonna be a long way to go!


  • owel1owel1 Posts: 142C-Class
    October 2, 2015

    Increasing the weight, lowering reps.

    Chest :

    Flat Bench Press : 160 lbs max -10, 8, 8
    Incline Dumb. Press: 50lbs each max -10, 8, 8

    Barbel Curls : 60lbs -10, 8, 8
    Dumb. Concentration: 30lbs -10, 8, 6

    EZ bar : 40lbs -10, 8, 6

    170lbs max -5, 5, 5

    Please let me know if there's something wrong sa routine ko po para maayos ko.
  • BANEBANE Posts: 1,927C-Class
    owel1 wrote:

    Increasing the weight, lowering reps.

    Increase in weights and try as many reps as possible. that way, pwede mo maacess ung rep range that you can work on. malamy mo ung increase weight mo kaya mo pala mas higher rep compares sa "low" rep mo dba. mas maganda un
  • owel1owel1 Posts: 142C-Class
    Oo kasi madalas dahil alam mong 8reps lang ang goal mo yun lang talaga gagawin mo. Thanks sa tip sir.
  • owel1owel1 Posts: 142C-Class
    REST DAY!!!!

    EAT, EAT, and EEEAAATTTT..!!!!!!!
  • owel1owel1 Posts: 142C-Class
    October 5, 2015

    -Sweet Potato
    -Peanut Butter

    Time for 5x5

    Squat : 170lbs  -5x5

    Dumbbell Incline: 60lbs each 5x5

    Wide Grip Pull Over: 160lbs 5x5


    9:30-6:30 Work then abs, calves tomorrow
  • owel1owel1 Posts: 142C-Class
    Oct. 7, 2015

    Deadlift : 200lbs 5x5

    Machine Chest Press: 170lbs 5x5

    Reverse Cable Pull: 150lbs 5x5

    Rest tomorrow

    Diet :
    -3 bananas
    -4 boiled eggs
    -peanut butter
    -sweet potato
    -chicken breast
    -winter melon (bit of vinegar)
  • owel1owel1 Posts: 142C-Class
    Oct 9, 2015

    Squat: 160lbs 3sets of 5 reps
    Box Squat: 180lbs 2 sets of 8reps
    Dumbbell Press: 50lbs 5x5
    Back Dumbells: 50lbs 5x5
  • owel1owel1 Posts: 142C-Class
    Oct 10, 2015
    Arms, Calves, Abs

    Barbell Curls: 70lbs 3x10
    Hammer Curls: 30lbs 3x10
    Cable Push: 90lbs 3x8
    Dips: 3x10
    Standing Calves Raise: 3x12
    Single Calf Raise: 3x10
  • owel1owel1 Posts: 142C-Class
    October, 12, 2015

    Back to 2 body parts per day.
    5x5 didn't work for me. I lost 2 kilos in just a week.

    There was a hot girl hitting the gym floor earlier. I wonder what was her name. Weeew!!!!

    *Shoulder: Military Press: 90lbs 10, 8, 8
    Dumbbell Press: 50lbs 10, 8, 8

    *Back: Cable Pull 140lbs 10, 8, 8
    Barbell: 150 10, 8, 6

    Deadlift: 200lbs 10, 8, 8
  • nrg500nrg500 Posts: 1,233B-Class
    owel1 wrote:
    October, 12, 2015

    Back to 2 body parts per day.
    5x5 didn't work for me. I lost 2 kilos in just a week.

    When a program doesn't work, here are things to ask
    1. Did you modify the program ?
    2. How long did you use the program ?
    3. Were you eating properly ?
    4. Getting quality sleep ?
  • owel1owel1 Posts: 142C-Class
    Thanks sir.

    1.I didn't. I followed it as it is.
    2.Just tried it for 2 weeks
    3.My diet is the same the way that I gained weight from my previous program
    4.My body-clock is not good. Since I have shifting schedules. I usually work at night shift.

    I guess, I'm not getting good rest and recovery. Because 5x5 really hits the muscle fibers. It's just that when hit the gym again muscle are still sore.

    Any other advice?
  • nrg500nrg500 Posts: 1,233B-Class
    You need to at least try a program for 3 months to say whether it works or not

    By the way, check your diet. You need to eat more if you want to gain muscle mass. For now, forget your six-pack abs. You just weigh 134 lbs at a height of 5'7", you are under-muscled. Try to look at the journals of our fellow PBB members Jettie and SmallWiji, they are shorter (around 5'4") than you but they are heavier and much stronger

    Also, you might want to post videos of your lifts
  • owel1owel1 Posts: 142C-Class
    I was not aware that I can also post a video. I'll do soon. Anyway, you got the point sir nrg500. I've read a lot of articles that says, "if your goal is to gain mass, forget about your six packs for now." I'll check those journals sir. I really appreciate your responses. I hope that you always check and correct mistakes that I'm doing. Follow through.
    Regarding my diet. I'm always full, I eat almost every two hours of intervals. Peanut butters, veggies, boiled eggs, banana, sweet potato, milk. Don't have a supplement though. Do you think I really need one? So, what should I do now? How do I start?
  • owel1owel1 Posts: 142C-Class
    And it's really hard to let go and forget those abs, especially if you really worked hard for those.
  • BANEBANE Posts: 1,927C-Class
    owel1 wrote:
    And it's really hard to let go and forget those abs, especially if you really worked hard for those.

    tol, honestly on track ka na sa training eh. you know better than other people here, you know why? kasi it shows in your picture. theres all this and that blah blah pero on point kna, IMO, calories. not necessarily mawawala ung abs like zero visibilit if you spend it nman dba. you can say you eat this and that (i kno you did your research naman) pero the question is, IS IT ENOUGH? back to basics... for things to grow you need to feed it. i think dun ka medyo nahirapan. other people force feed themselves just to hit their target. you can eat eggs, chicken, tuna, rice, vegies and etc. pero ang tanong gano kadami? pwedeng busog kna pero ano ba requirements para lumaki?
  • owel1owel1 Posts: 142C-Class
    Salamat sir Bane.Minsan halos busog pako eh kakain ulit ako. So I guess talagang tama naman. Siguro yung timing ng meal dahil sa oras ng work ko. Alam mo yung pagkatapos ng tanghalian ko (syempre talagang busugan yun sa rice and eggs chicken breast) tapos itutulog ko lang kasi galing ako ng work nun. Pagka galing ko ng work deretso gym tapos kain tanghalian. I guess yung timing ng mga meals diko alam. When to eat this and that. I just have the list. Can you add some foods that make me bulk sir?

    Sa work 9hours once lang ako makakain ng marami. YUng sa 1 hour break. Yung first break kong 15 mins kain lang ako 2 boiled eggs, tapos lumpia tofu with kamote. O kaya kung anong available sa work. So sa tingin ko kulang ako ng supply sa 9hours na yun.
  • owel1owel1 Posts: 142C-Class
    I just go to the gym 3 times a week po pala. 2 body parts a day. Tama sir Bane, di naman ganun karami ang alam ko. Nga lang I just don't usually do what doesn't work for me. O kaya should I try this or not for certain number of months or weeks. Dami ko pa di alam talaga.

    To add from 10sticks of cigarette I'm down to 2 sticks na but it's still smoking. Struggle to eliminate talaga mga sir.
  • nrg500nrg500 Posts: 1,233B-Class
    owel1 wrote:
    And it's really hard to let go and forget those abs, especially if you really worked hard for those.

    Di ko naman sinabi na mag-dirty bulk ka at magpakabundat ka

    Ang point ko lang, medyo mababawasan ang definition ng abs mo pag nag-bulk ka. Kasi mag-gain ka ng konting fat pag nag-bulk. Mid-section ang unang nag-a-accumulate ng fat mass

    Sa physique progress, wag ka magdamit ng tight-fitting (pero wag naman very loose na mukhang jejemon) tapos observe kung ano comments ng mga taong di ka kilala. Usually, ibang tao ang makapagsasabi kung "malaki" ka tingnan o kung mukha ka bang nagbubuhat talaga.

    Malaki magiging difference sa physique mo kung mag-gain ka ng additional 10 lbs of muscle mass

    Kumain ka ng marami. Mahirap kunin ang additional calories sa protein dahil mabilis makabusog ang karne. Try increasing your carbs and fats. Mataas ang fat content ng one large avocado, malaki tulong yun sa calories. Ang problema lang sa avocado ay seasonal fruit sya. Lumamon ka na lang ng maraming boiled eggs pero kainin mo rin yung egg yolk. May 80 calories sa isang large egg

    Para naman di boring sa panlasa, try mo gardenia tasty bread. Two slices ay 160 calories (33 grams of carbs + 5 grams of protein + others). Palamanan mo na lang Nutella pero nipisan mo lang :)

    Di ka naman mawawala totally ang abs mo basta wag mo sa junk food kunin ang additional calories. Whole food is always better
  • badass_vinchbadass_vinch Posts: 4,466A-Class
    Kung namayat ka magka abs lang then what will be questioned is your goal. Ok, you worked hard for those, you did what you have to do but still in the process of getting those abs I'm absolutely sure that somewhere along the journey nafeel mo na ang payat mo na din. You'll be in a crossroad at kelangn mo magdecide kung proceed ka sa abs kahit you look like you dont lift OR pagisipan mo kung worth it ba isacrifice lahat ng muscle mo sa katawan magka abs lang.

    So ngayon ayan ka na, gusto mo naman lumaki....

    lumamon ka lang ng sobra sobra! Feeling ko gifted ka sa abs and metabolism. Madami ako kilala na ganun hindi nagstore ng fat halos katawan nila kaya "aesthetic" tignan pag lumapad. Pareparehas kayo ng itsura at features ng pagka ectomorph. pati yung abs nyo ganun din itsura. My theory is that hindi nyo talaga masyado tinetrain yung abs kasi labas naman sila mula pa pagkabata nyo so walang sense of urgency to train them hard. Well assumption ko lang yun, kasi ganun mga kilala ko. Naalala ko nga dati nung tuyong tuyo ako tinanong ako nung isa kong tropa sa gym kung bakit ukit ukit daw yung abs ko, e sya daw maliit lang abs nya kahit bugbugin nya. Hindi kasi kami parehas ng pinaggalingan kaya yung bugbugan nya e warm up ko lang. Classic ectomorph with puberty abs kasi katawan nya, ako classic case of skinny fat phaggot dati.


  • owel1owel1 Posts: 142C-Class
    Thank sir nrg500 at sir vinch. Tama, dati gusto ko kahit konting muscle mass okay nako basta labas cuts or curves nila. Ngayon sa GYM, halos lagi ako sinasabihan ng instructor na ang liit ko or payat pa ako. Usually mga babae lang nakaka pansin na nagggym ako at appreciate sa katawan ko. Pero ang masakit kapag tinabi na ako sa mga mas malaki sakin na kahit wala maxadong defined muscles. Lumiliit ako at nagmumukha akong hindi nagbubuhat. Haha. Dumating sa point na parang gusto ko na lang i-accept na ganito na lang talaga katawan ko.
    Pero nung nag start ako lumamon ng marami nag gain naman ako. From 129lbs nasa 135. So ibig ko sabihin mejo nawala na rin yung korte ng abs ko.
    Pero sir for now talaga I don't care about my abs. Gusto ko talaga mag focus lumaki. Lalo na legs, shoulders and chest ko.

    Yes nung season ng avocado lagi rin ako bumibili kasi may suki ako taga supply samin dati. Ngayon limited na yung list ng foods na meron ako which yung mga na mention ko.
    Talagang payatin talaga ako. Honestly, nag try din ako magpurga. Talagan ginagawa ko lahat minsan paranoid nako na iniisip ko napakarami kong bulate na sa tiyan ko. haha.

    Sa mga replies nyo sir, I'm learning talaga sobrang laking tulong ng mga posts nyo. Mag po post naman ako sa mga progress ko para makita nyo kung ano pang dapat itama mga sir. Salamat.

    Big question ko rin tama ba yung routine o program na ginagawa ko? Kelangan ko bang i-try yung iba?
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