Pls recommend me a Food/Vitamin Supplement (underweight here)


Good Day Maam/Sir,

Kindly recommend me a supplement for gaining weight, im currently 5'7 in height and just weighing 53Kg :(
Its been 4 Days that i registered in our local gym, and ive been working out.
Actually my whole body is in pain now....

I came to read from some articles that i should intake vitamin supplements or any sorf of weight gainers.
For now ive been thingking this *Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey.

Has this been verified and effective?
Well, this really costs a penny, but im serious.
Im tired of being skinny for my whole life..

If you have any other recommendation or concerns pls do tell me as im very new in this thing
And would love to explore myself and what my capabilities would take me

Any help is much appreciated

Thank you very much,


  • BANEBANE Posts: 1,927B-Class
    hi bro. suggest you start here

    create a journal, show us your usual dietary plan (daily) and your currect workout setup. people here will help you, just let us know these details for reference. dont post here. create your journal
  • MrBoksMrBoks Posts: 11
    Thank you sir for the immediate response...

    *making mg journal....
  • ReneRene Posts: 213C-Class
    :welcome: To PBB! Sir keep in mind that your 1st 3 months of work in the gym will tone your muscles. And that is considering you go to the gym 3-4 times a week and really get into a well balanced program. Refrain from buying supplements for now. You need to gain weight. And you do that by eating a well balanced meal consisting of protein, carbs and good fats. Browse around the site. There are diets for weight lost, weight gain, bulking etc. etc. Best wishes on your goals :smile:
  • MrBoksMrBoks Posts: 11
    Thank you sir..
    Actually nahihiya pa nga ako sa pag wo-workout sa gym kasi ako lang ang pinaka maliit sa loob.... pero cge lang... i will stay motivated
  • ReneRene Posts: 213C-Class
    Bro normal lang yan na feel mo. Remember, what you do in the gym, you're doing it for you. Don't compare yourself, with your gym mates. Everyone started the same why. Best wishes  :smile:
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