is my program correct

I really want to have the body that i see in magazine

at age 35, i decided to commit myself for the first time to gym.

after research, i created my program which im using for the past 3months.

i gained some muscles but its still far from what i wish to have.

would like to know if my program correct? please provide pros and cons

every tuesday and saturday

Standing Dumbell Side Bends
Dumbell Shrug
Machine BB Flat
Seated Cable Rows
Standing DD Triceps Extension
Machine BB Incline
Lat Pulldowns
Underhand Cable Pulldowns
Machine BB Straight
Upright Cable Row
Alternate Hammer
Dumbell Curls
One-Arm Dumbell Row
Concentration Curls
Leg Press

while thursday and sunday

Standing Dumbell Side Bends
Dumbell Shrug
Dumbbell BB Flat
Dumbell Fly
Dumbell Pull over
Dumbbell BB Incline
Dumbell One-arm Tricep Extension
Alternate Deltoid Raise Front
Alternate Deltoid Raise Lateral
Bent Over DB Rear Delt Raise
Arnold Dumbell Press
Single Arm Shoulder Press
Concentration Curls

all in 8 reps and 3 sets (except for planking 60 seconds) and to be done 1hr to 1hr & 30mins max

All feedbacks will be greatly appreciated

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