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I asked ON how to identify if our whey is genuine. They replied that it should have an Optimum Nutrition Philippines serial numbered sticker with a big RED "genuine" on it in front. If it does then it's guaranteed legit, because that sticker shows that it came from FSPI - the exclusive distributor of ON products in the Philippines. The 5lb 100% whey gold standard that I bought in CaC Shoppers Variety doesnt have that. What can you say guys? Is there any chance that our whey is still genuine but not supplied by FSPI?


  • learsi122613learsi122613 Posts: 126
    idk sir, haven't brought ON products sa cnc ,
  • musouka15musouka15 Posts: 12

    Is it possible that optimum nutrition whey from cash and carry came from unauthorized distributor?
  • learsi122613learsi122613 Posts: 126
    dati meron akong ON SM i bought it online sa olx(, yung basehan ko lang ng pag ka authenticity ng nabili ko eh yung hologram sticker na nakabalot sa may takip ng tub,
  • poruchikoporuchiko Posts: 119
    Meron po kasi directly bumibili sa America, gaya nung pinag ggyman ko dati. Ganun daw ginagawa nya. Sa America sya bumibili, since may relative sya sa Tate, kaya ayun. Possible ganun din ginagawa sa Cash And Carry not sure lang, I mean may iba siguro silang supplier na pinag i-importan. Pero sa CNC naman kami bumibili ng ON nung kaibigan ko, ayun buhay pa naman kami. hehe.
  • musouka15musouka15 Posts: 12
    Hi guys,

    I just think I need to update anyone who cares. Finally after sending photos of my tub (front, back, top, bottom and inner areas), I got ON to assess the whey I bought. They said it is genuine.

    In verbatim, "...Based on the information you provided, we can confirm that this is a legitimate lot. Additionally, there is only one seal on the canister (outer black seal)..the inner white flap is simply a pressure barrier and nine times out of ten it will actually be in the cap of the product, it is simply there to further contain the whey during shipment. Also, the QR codes do sometimes scan to videos, etc.."

    Alright, this helped me decide that Ill get another tub.
  • badass_vinchbadass_vinch Posts: 4,471A-Class
    IMO, rare ang fake na supplement dito since maliit lang ang market nyan. Lugi pa yung magma-mass produce ng fake supplements since kokonti ang bumibili. Kahit mga adik sa supplements monthly lang bumili. Expired supplements pwede pa makalusot.


  • mang_josemang_jose Posts: 12
    Magkano po CnC price ng ON Whey 5lbs? naka sale kasi sa Lazada today @ 3100,
  • musouka15musouka15 Posts: 12
    I bought it for 2800. Selling price in all stores is 2850, natawaran ko lang ng 50 pesos.
  • Does Lazada Philippines sell legit ON Whey you think?
  • cramnhojcramnhoj Posts: 73D-Class
    Only got ON whey there once, seems legit. Haven't seen it at a good price since then so haven't bought again.

    Usual tips for buying at Lazada, plenty of stuff are overpriced so they can discount it and looks like a good deal you should know the real price of what you're getting. Also, don't bother buying unless you have a 10-16% off coupon.
  • pmdbpmdb Posts: 34
    Yung mga supplements dito sa Baguio malayong mura kung ikukumpara sa mga presyo ng supplements sa mga authorized distributors dito sa Pinas. We have a place here where merchants sell goods from the States that were sent from balikbayan boxes. Hence, they don't pay taxes that's why they are cheaper.
  • SyndicateSyndicate Posts: 79D-Class

    I've pm'ed Optimum Nutrition Philippines' fb page about the authenticity of ON products in CnC since walang "genuine stickers" ang product nila, ang sabi di daw nila maguarantee kung authentic lahat kasi "mixed" inventory ang supply, in short hindi FSPI products ang nasa kanila at iba ang distributor nila.

  • TRoll_W_a_HeartTRoll_W_a_Heart Posts: 1,308S-Class

    Mine has one..with FSPI stickers on whey and other On them from CnC

  • SyndicateSyndicate Posts: 79D-Class

    Went there and bought some stuff, mixed with FSPI ang products nila

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