5 Exercises You Should Incorporate Into Your Workout

[size=medium]1. Neutral grip dead lifts — The dead lift is a cornerstone lift and should be included in most strength training programs. There are a number of variations to this exercise, but the neutral grip dead lift using either a hex bar or dumbbells is the easiest to perform for beginners and can still challenge more experienced lifters.[/size]

[size=medium]2. Barbell back squats Often referred to as the king of lifts, squats are a full body exercise that can significantly impact strength, conditioning and aesthetics. There is a nasty misconception that you should not let your femur (or upper leg) drop below parallel or it will cause damage to the knee. That is simply not true. In fact, the point at which the knee joint is must unstable and under strain is when the femur is parallel to the floor. Long story short, it is perfectly safe and even advantageous to do a full depth squat (placing your hamstrings on your calves).[/size]

[size=medium]3. Split squats — Split squats or single leg squats are another great squat variation that are easier to perform than barbell back squats as they minimize the recruitment of the lower back and require less flexibility to perform properly. Split squats are, however, just as effective at improving strength and aesthetic as a back squat and should be included in most training programs.[/size]

[size=medium]4. Overhead press — This exercise has a significant impact on our daily lives as our ability to control a load over our head carries over to any daily action preformed with our hands up. It also significantly improves our bench pressing ability and can have a significant impact on shape of our shoulders, which can completely change the appearance of our physique.[/size]

[size=medium]5. Chin-ups Not only are chin-ups or “chins” a great exercise by which to monitor strength progress, but they are also a fantastic way to improve strength and aesthetics. Chin-ups recruit more muscle groups than any other upper body lift and thus should be included in your program. If you can’t perform a full “chin” yet, that’s okay. Focus on “eccentric" chins or slowly lowering yourself as slowly as possible from the top position to the bottom position. This will improve your strength and aid in your quest to improve the number of chins you can perform.[/size]



  • learsi122613learsi122613 Posts: 126
    chin-ups can be pull ups?
  • mang_josemang_jose Posts: 12
    Chin-up alternative? di pa kaya eh. I am currently 90+kgs.
  • BANEBANE Posts: 1,927C-Class
    mang_jose wrote:
    Chin-up alternative? di pa kaya eh. I am currently 90+kgs.

    kaya mo yan. nung 215 ako nag rerev grip pull ups na ko BW x 12 3 sets. try mo rev grip mas madali compared sa medium na normal grip. go heavy on the pulldowns tapos try and try sa bar. youll be surprised makakaya mo nalng 1 day :blush:
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