Hi everyone,..
I am student from usa and also very new in the fitness society,..
welcome all here in this site,..


  • boss_jboss_j Posts: 1,243B-Class
    welcome aboard :)

    looking good man

    half fil ?
  • rrobinrrobin Posts: 131
    That's you Man?!!

    I like your look,

    Avatar's kinda small, but you look like Taylor Kitsch..
  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class
    welcome bro,

    Hollywood-esque pic you got there!

    Enjoy your stay here in PBB!
  • SkkinSkkin Posts: 870
    welcome brader
  • chikinitochikinito Posts: 461
    Hi there! Welcome to PBB! Hope to see your future posts here and there. Hope we can help you out too!
  • cheesecakecheesecake Posts: 110
    Hey! Welcome to PBB :) Already lookin' pretty good :)
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