Need motivation please

Day1: Back and Biceps

Pull up 1x12
Romanian Deadlift
BB Row
Close grip reverse grip lat pull down
Wide grip reverse grip lat pull down
One arm DB row
BB Curl
BB Closed Grip curl

Day2: Chest,Shoulder and Triceps
Flat or Incline BP
Flat or incline Flyes
BB Military Press
Upright row
Lying Skull Crusher
Triceps push down

Day3: Legs and Calves
BB Back Squat
Leg extension
DB Lunges

Day4: Abs workout
Day5:Cardio 10 mins
Day6: Abs workout and cardio
Day7: Repeat day 1


  • AestecniquesAestecniques Posts: 487C-Class
    See Gregg Plitt's motivational videos...and you will all fired up!
  • PainlessPainless Posts: 8
    Late post
    yesterday's back and bicep.. pounds lang lahat..di kasali bar

    Pull up wide 1x12
    Dumbbell pull over 2x12 @25 lbs
    Romanian Deadlift 80x14 warm up
    100x12 warm up
    130 3x5 working set
    Reverse grip lat pull (close) 50x10
    70 3x10 (mabigat hilahin lat machine dito,yung 70 pang 100 na )

    Lat pull down wide 3x10 @70
    DB one arm row 45x10
    BB Shrug 100x10 (3 sets)

    Barbell Bicep curl 40x16

    Bicep concentrate curl 25lbs 3x8
  • PainlessPainless Posts: 8
    Chest,deltoid and triceps

    Barbell flat bench
    70 2x16 warm up set
    100x10 warm up set
    130 3x5 working set

    Dumbbell flat flyes
    25 lbs 3x10

    BB Military press
    40x16 warm up set
    50x12 warm up set 2
    80 3x5 working set

    Upright row (wide)

    Triceps push down
    30lbs 1x20
    40lbs 3x10

    Lying Skull Crusher
  • FredFred Posts: 29
    Brah, hindi mo na kailangan yung motivation ( trust me )

    Lahat tayo may kanya kanyang imperfections, bad qualities, habits. So ano? uupo lang ba tayo? mag.mumukmok lang ba tayo? accept mo lang ba yung ganyang buhay?

    FUCK THAT SHIT BRO. Pwde ka maging sino at maging ano kung gusto mo lang brah, walang makakapigil sayo basta hindi ka lang nakakasakit ng tao. It is our duty to train and upgrade ourselves, walang gagawa nun para sayo, hindi nanay mo, hindi tatay mo, kundi ikaw lang.

    Lahat ng tao may iba-ibang opinion tungkol sa isa't-isa, just suck it up, put the comment in your balls and lift the fucking barbell son! Wala ng makakaawat pa sayo! Magtatagumpay tayo lahat!

  • PainlessPainless Posts: 8
    salamat boss Fred :)
  • PainlessPainless Posts: 8
    LEGS,HAMSTRING and Calves
    BB Back squat
    80lbs 2x16 warm up set
    110 1x10
    130 3x5 Working set

    Leg Extension
    60 1x10
    80 1x10
    100 1x8-F

    walking DB Lunges
    25lbs each hand 1x14
    30lbs each hand 1x12
    35lbs each hand 1x10

    120 x8
  • scorchedscorched Posts: 253C-Class
    Kamusta na sir ang workout mo? Hows your motivation? Hataw lang brad sa work out!!
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