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Hi Guys! I'm a newbie on body building and I wanted to ask help from you. I just want to have some recommendations that would make my workout better like workout recommendations, Diet recommendations and Supplement recommendations.

I am an 18 year old teenager and i'm into sports or at least physical activities. I've been into a lot of competitive teams in several sports like track and field (throwing), dragonboat and currently I'm into Muay Thai and currently hold a 2-0 pro-amateur record. But even though I'm into active lifestyle, I notice that my fats wont burn specifically my belly fat.

Right now, I'm planning to take Whey protein, specifically the ProMatrix 7 which according to several posts in this site is cheap yet effective and competitive to other bigger brands and I need help regarding this. I have no idea on how is the dosage of whey or when and how many times should i drink whey protein?

If you find my question a bit stupid, I'm sorry. Thanks in advance guys!baket ganun? finill up ko naman yung stats pero walang lumalabas? huhu
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