supplements intended for fat loss

is caffeine really promotes fat utilization and improve aerobic performance?


  • the3rdkingthe3rdking Posts: 40
    ...just to share what i have read.

    here's some supplements and their intentended key functions:

    caffeine--utilize fat; amprove aerobic performance
    ephedrine--improve alertness;raise metabolism;increase fat mobilization
    glucamannan--slow carbohydrate absorption;prevent insulin spikes
    synephrine--increase alertness and metabolism;ancrease fat mobilization
    and utilization

    reference: cytodyne technologies
  • cigano_23cigano_23 Posts: 35
    so pwede nga ang caffeine???
    saka ilang mg b ng caffeine meron sa 1tsp ng nescafe classic,, walang nakalagay sa mga kape kung ilang grams meron caffeine nila
  • allen101allen101 Posts: 5,102
    1cup/serving of coffee = 80-90g caffeine.
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