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Hello Folks,

I started to become conscious with my body since 2012 and It was my friend who actually influenced me. She has a very sexy figure, she exercise a lot on her own and never been to the gym, she's just working hard maintaining her figure. On the other hand, i was wondering what If I try as well. I'm quite lazy when it comes to exercising but I am a health conscious person due to the fact that I had hypertension history. So, back then when we were still office mates, I tend to exercise everyday. sit ups, push ups, jogging, swimming. And as the days passed by, we parted ways as I had to resign due to work schedule that triggered my health to become worse (bad lifestyle). The i forgot the exercise stuff, started to gain weight, became preggy (CS section). Now I realized that I am so chubbier than before, heck this made me less confident and would always have a hard time finding the right clothes for me. I wouldn't say that I'm fat but my body is not proportioned. My arms are quite larger than my forearms so as to my thighs and bulging belly.

I told myself that I have to do something about this or else I would look like a "losyang" and i don't want that to happen. So recently i googled about body building and came across this website/forum. I really hope I could find here a buddy (male/female) who's willing to motivate me and give me tips on how to shape up, build muscles as well as proper diet and discipline.

Thanks very much,

Val :)



  • AlexCAlexC Posts: 19
    hi, Val!
    First of all kelan ka pa nag give birth? if it's 2-3 years already then you're good to go!
    Actually, sa umpisa motivation is really hard to find! haha sobrang nakakatamad so pick your goal muna then workout kahit tamad na tamad ka deadmahin mo nalang kasi ako namotivate lang ako nung nakita na ng iba ung changes sa katawan ko kasi obese ako before eh so un nung natadtad ako ng compliments tapos ung mga kaibigan bigla na nagpapaturo tapos gusto sumabay sa gym dun na ako na motivate kasi sarap sa feeling na nakaka inspire ka ng iba while na iimprove mo ung sarili mo.
    Promise once na may makita kang change sa katawan mo lagi ka ng gutom sa improvements. tip lang work out and eat right plus wag kang matakot kung di mo agad makuha ideal weight mo or tumaas ka konti pabago bago kasi yan eh wag ka ma disappoint agad just keep on going! goodluck!
  • nrg500nrg500 Posts: 1,233B-Class
    Try mo po palitan lahat ng junk foods ng gulay

    Steamed broccoli para sa tamad magluto tulad ko :) Daming vitamins and minerals ng broccoli
  • justvaljustval Posts: 6
    nope, 1 and 1/2 year pa lng since na cs ako. pwede na ba mag gym pag ganun?

    yep broccolli, fave ko yan..heheh.
  • BANEBANE Posts: 1,927B-Class
    Hi. minsan for fitness, or pag papapayat, pag mpapalaki ng katawan, masyadong pinapakomplikado ng mga tao. "wag mo kainin yan, kumain ka nito, eto maganda to, yan bilin mo yan" and the list go on and on and on.... pero sa totoo lang its just + , - (plus, minus) you want to gain eat more, you want to loose, eat less. mas maganda ate @justval update mo ung pannel sa right sa journal mo para makita ung stats mo pati ung sample diet mo every day ng pwedeng mag comment makita kung san pwede mag opinion :)
  • justvaljustval Posts: 6
    Thanks Ghee, im a newbie so im still familiarizing my self with this site.
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