uphiller's journal

good day pinoy BB.

its my first post here so pakilala na po ako.

im uphiller from bulakan, my goal is to pack some mass ala beach body type na may magandang abs.

i started lifting dumbells at home last july 1, 2011. so far may maliit na development na sa tiyan at biceps.

my stats

age: 34
wt: 147 lbs (before 153lbs)
waist: 33 in (before 35in)
height: 5 ft 8 in

my weights

2 dumbells with 2(2.5lbs) and 2(5lbs) each
max weight ko per dumbell 15lbs only.

my program (found on internet)

Dumbbell Squat 3s 12r
Dumbbell Bench Press 3s 12r
One Arm Dumbbell Row 3s 12r
Standing Dumbbell Curl 3s 12r
Two Arm Seated Dumbbell Extension 3s 12r
Sit Up 3s 25r hirap ako dito

Dumbbell Step Up 3s 12r
Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlift 3s 12r
Seated Dumbbell Press 3s 12r
Standing One Leg Dumbbell Calf Raise 3s 20r
Dumbbell Shrug 3s 15r
Dumbbell Side Bends 3s 15r

Dumbbell Lunge 3s 12r
Dumbbell Floor Press 3s 12r
Wide Grip Pull Up 3s 12r hirap din ako dito
Standing Hammer Curl 3s 12r
Lying Dumbbell Extension 3s 12r
Lying Floor Leg Raise 3s 25r

with cardio workout before dumbells at weekend mtbiking...

my diet
itlog, 1 cup rice, ulam - more on veggies, wheat bread, tuna, chicken...

my supplement
weider megamass 4000 and extreme pro mass

need your comments sana mga guru kung tama yung ginagawa ko.

i will start going to gym by august mga boss, ask ko lang kung may program ba na pwede sa akin na 2 day home tapos 1 day gym?

thanks mga bossing and more power to PBB!!!
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