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3yrs ago i was 160lbs and my waist measured

nickname: the3rdking
name: king
age: -
height: 5'7
weight: 65kg
waist: 29

gym schedule: 3 to 4 days a week for atleast 2 to 3hrs maximum gym time... kasama na kwentuhan dun hehe

while doing my barbell chest press i put my legs up to keep my back
i like using the hammer strenght machine for my decline press.
and usually i do the flye machine or peck deck as the finisher.

(see my workout for my shoulder,back,triceps,biceps,legs and abs on
my next post)



  • the3rdkingthe3rdking Posts: 40
    just got home from my workout...

    i really like using the strength machine for my lower chest exercise. i find it more effective than doing the decline barbell bench press...
  • gandang umaga sa lahat...restday sa gym pero maggym aq cardio and abs nalang aq later taz pump lang...
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