The search for legit supplements

Mga balita at iba pang impormasyon tungkol sa iba't ibang supplements. :)

Tutal mahilig naman akong magresearch research kuno (andami kong time haha), ako na lang din magmemaintain ng thread na to.
List of FDA-registered whey protein protein&searchphrase=all&start=40

Ang familiar brands na nakikita ko ay ON at Mirrus.
Brands of whey protein with on-going lawsuits for alleged protein spiking
Companies whose products were tested and subsequently sued include but are not limited to: Giant Sports, MusclePharm, CVS Health, 4 Dimension Nutrition, NBTY and Inner Armour.
Scientific American: Untested Stimulant Found to Persist in Some Supplements
A number of supplements marketed for weight loss and improved athletic performance contain a synthetic compound that is similar to the drug amphetamine, and that compound has not been tested in people, according to a new study.
I will keep my own opinions to a minimum and let the links speak for themselves. I will not deny, however, that this thread was motivated by what I found out about Inner Armour after I ordered one of their products.


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    Nice thanks
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    Someone from reddit measured the protein content of some supplements available in the US. The thread doesn't say what he did exactly. There's obviously something science-y going on here which I do not understand. Take everything with a grain of salt.

    Results are available here:
    Brandwise, Optimum Nutrition looks very reliable to me. Gaspari and Body Fortress are suspicious and deserves another independent measurement. The others are OK, remember that solubility is important and 75% reading might just be attributable to that. Finally, stay away from American Pure Whey.
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    Fitness Supplements Philippines, Inc is the only Philippine distributor of ON products listed in the ON website.

    I sent a message to FSP to ask if ON products sold in shops from CnC such as Tia Loleng's are legit. He's the reply:
    We appreciate your effort to check. We can only guarantee the authenticity of ON products that bear our serial numbered sticker with the big red GENUINE. ... ask Tia Loleng's for stocks with our sticker. If they have none, find another shop. One good place to check is BESCOST.

    Napadaan akong CnC isang araw, and true enough SOME ON products do have the sticker, while others don't.

    Fact 1: Some ON products at Tia Loleng's come from FSP, and FSP guarantees them to be genuine.

    As to the other products that don't, I have no idea and I have no opinion. :)Thread renamed :).
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    Nice! Kakabili ko rin lang kahapon sa CnC ng ON products and after reading this, naconfirm ko na legit yung nabili ko. Haha salamat sir! Sana may ganan rin yung ibang brands para alam natin na hindi fake hehe
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    Muscle-Building Supplements Raise Testicular Cancer Risk
    Zheng found that MBS users were 1.65 times as likely to get testicular cancer as those who did not use the supplements. Moreover, Zheng says, “If you used at [an] earlier age, you had a higher risk. If you used them longer, you had a higher risk. If you used multiple types, you had a higher risk.” The danger more than doubled for those who started using before they turned 25, as well as for those who used for more than three years or used more than one kind.

    The research was done on supplements such as creatine and androstenedione.

    Case-control design, which is the method used in this study, is generally weaker than randomized trials. I think the study merely sets a certain degree of warning as well as precedent for future research.
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    Eto po ba yung sinasabi na red big genuine?
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