Amino Acid and BCAAs

Hi! Ask ko lang if saan ako mas mag benefit. Sa Amino Acid supplement or BCAAs?
Started weight training nung January primarily to lose weight, pero since nag improve talaga, I decided to BUILD MUSCLES.

5'8'' 177pounds, goal ko is to make 160lbs. I'm taking Mutant Amino Acid Tablets and Mutant Whey. Mejo iwas kasi ako sa mga fat burners like Hydroxycut.

My routine. 2 Tabs Amino Acids before workout and Whey protein ASAP after.

Base sa research ko, BCAA are Essential Amino Acids so part sila ng Amino Acids.

So mas magbebenefit ba ako kung itake ko ang BCAA 1 serving pre-work out and a serving WHILE working out, then Mutant Whey as a post work out?
Since BCAA's are Amino Acids used for building muscles.

or Stick to my routine na Amino Acids supplement?


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