Exercises for uneven shoulders?

Hello all!

Can you suggest some good exercises para mabigyan ng solution ang problem ko sa shoulders ko? Basically, yung left shoulder ko is higher than my right. Di sya medyo halata pag naka shirt ako, but kagabi, when I tried looking at the mirror para i-assess yun without my shirt, mas halata ang problem.

Suggestion ng friend ko is, everytime I do shoulder exercises, say Lateral Dumbbell raise, I just need to ensure na may sosobrang repetitions sa right shoulders ko. And everyday before I workout, winawarm up ko muna and shoulders ko (mostly on my right) by doing shoulder shrug and other shoulder exercises.

Dapat ko bang i-continue yun or if meron kayong better way on how to address this, please let me know.

Maraming salamat! :D


  • badass_vinchbadass_vinch Posts: 4,471A-Class
    may scoliosis ka. parehas tayo ganyan din shoulders ko. actually buong likod, hips at legs.


  • Stand Slightly open your legs. The back is straight. Grasp the barbell from above slightly wider than shoulder width and put it on your thighs.

    Action Performance.

    Inhale and lift the barbell up along the body until it reaches the chin, lift your elbows as high as possible. Slowly lower your hands, avoid sudden movements. Upon completion of the movement, exhale.

    This exercise directly avalanche deltoid and trapezius muscles, and two-headed muscle of the upper arm, in addition to the forearm strain, general tiesinamąjį back muscles and abdominal muscles.
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