The Truth About Protein Powders

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We've all been there: you walk into your local supplement store or peruse online shops looking for that protein powder that's just right for you. Shouldn't be too hard, there are only eleventy-billion brands, formulas, flavors, and sizes. By the time you read all the labels you may starve to death, so it’s best to only do a quick glance.

With this quick glance you’ll see that there are a few products that say they have extra amino acids, "fortified" with things like glutamine, added BCAAs, leucine and creatine (thankfully we're all aware that creatine isn't a steroid and is a perfectly safe and effective sports supplement, right? Right?).

Fortified? That's good, isn’t it? Milk was fortified with stuff I apparently needed as a child, so one of these fortified ones must be great!


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