Mga idol pa help naman po sa program ko

Di ko kasi alam kung tama ginagawa ko, nakikinig kasi ako sa iba, tapos ibaba sinasabi nila, bali ang routine ko kasi is ganto

Tuesday= Chest, Biceps
Wednesday= Shoulder, Triceps
Friday= Chest, Biceps
Saturday= Jog / walking for 1 hour

ok lang po ba uminom nung Soya milk after workout? and mag take ng creatine?

open po ako sa suggestions, and thank you in advance!:sport::P


  • fatmonkeyfatmonkey Posts: 308C-Class
    repost this sa journal mo... we will answer everything there. :-)
  • LOL no back work brah? Gonna get hunched like quasimodo in no time lol
  • LikeABossLikeABoss Posts: 7
    monday = legs, calves
    tuesday=chest, bi's
    wed= back,tri's
    thrus= rest ( abs workout lang sa bahay )
    friday= shoulder, traps and forearm
    sat and sunday , lamon at tulog

    ito routine ko ngyon, sna makatulong
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